BEFORE & AFTER: curtain makeover

Get ready for a series of before & afters’s from my very own little corner of the world. When I moved into my loft over 4 years ago it was the ultimate bachelor pad and the colour palette on the walls was beige, dark green & maroon.(gross)

There is no better motivation than hosting a New Years Eve party to get the place set up in the first three months but the truth is I haven’t done much since then. I recently made one pretty dramatic change (project to come) and that really motivated me to get some of those other things checked off my ‘to do’ list.

First up is a curtain makeover. And by makeover, I mean brand new & totally different curtains. I’ve hated these dark brown velvet curtains since the day I moved in but because of the light/size/height issue I haven’t done anything. Until now.

I went all out DIY on this and made my own curtains (!!!!). The truth is it was hard to find anything 120″ long and what I found was pretty ugly. I was very inspired by these curtains and decided to try and make them myself.
First step – go to the fabric store. Thanks King’s Textile in Toronto who have any possible fabric you can think of. Lucky me I found pretty much the exact turquoise gauze-like material in the clearance bin for $3.99. What are the chances?!

Then the hard part – measuring, pinning, ironing & hemming. It wasn’t necessarily that hard but dealing with this amount of fabric could be tricky. But if you take your time and do it properly it makes the sewing part easy peasy.
In my case, I also had to install curtain rods because I didn’t have any. This ended up being quite the workout since I’m very forgetful and went up and down the 10ft ladder many times. But it was worth it…
The final reveal! Love it. Love the colour. They just freshen up the whole place. I also got roller blinds installed so the job of these guys is to just look pretty hanging out on the side. Job well done I say. I’m so glad that we decided to add some diy roller blinds to our windows, as it has seemed to freshen up the room drastically. It also helps that it fits in with the design of our curtains, as well as with the interior design of the room. All in all, I’m very pleased with how everything has turned out.
…now to fill up those blank frames.
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