{thrifting 101: dress it up}

Today’s thrifting lesson takes us away from housewares and into the world of fashion. I think vintage fashion is what intimidates most people. You may question if it’s actually stylish or just tacky, you’re not sure if you can pull it off, and you don’t know what you can mix it with. All totally legitimate thoughts. I remember thinking all the same things. I think it takes confidence to wear vintage but the good news is you can slowly build the confidence and I believe anyone can wear it.

What I love about vintage is that not only are you channeling a specific style and moment in time but it really lets you show off your style and personality and most importantly you won’t see anyone else wearing the same outfit!

I recruited my beautiful friend & vintage lover, Jess, to help me model a bunch of my most recent and favourite vintage finds. We had a ton of fun styling these dresses and Jess was a natural in front of the camera.

I would say the biggest tip for vintage dresses is it’s all about the styling. If you’re feeling super confident in your vintage matching skills then find a great vintage purse or boots to go with your outfit. But if you don’t have a big collection to choose from I recommend updating the look with more modern accessories.

I have a little bit of a vintage purse problem as you can see but I almost always mix my dresses with a new pair of shoots or boots.
Here’s a small taste of my collection – 99% of which I found at thrift stores.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t keep all these or my closet will overflow.
Take a look and be inspired by the styling. Tights are a great way to update a vintage dress. Probably my number one tip when it comes to updating vintage dresses is edit your hemline. By shortening a hem you instantly make the dress more youthful, flirty and trendy. A few inches above the knee is a flattering length on most people without looking like you were shopping at Forever21.




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Happy vintage shopping. Have fun with it!

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  1. OMG I have so many fave’s it’s ridiculous! I think Jess should buy all of them cause she looks AMAZING!!!! xo