happy father’s day: in loving memory

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dad’s out there!I haven’t been able to say that in person, along with a big hug, to my dad for 20 years. Thanks to my family and my memories though, he’s still been around in a way all that time. Life is life and although there’s lots of things that we can control or steer, there’s so many that we can’t. Not that I would wish anyone losing their dad at such a young age and not that I wouldn’t give anything in the world to have had my dad around for the last 20 years I realize that I probably dealt with it better as a child than I ever would as an adult. I guess you don’t truly realize the significance as a child and children have this amazing power to bounce back.

Over the years I still have people I know and even strangers say the nicest things to me about my dad. Now that I’m an adult with many personal, social & professional circles I’ve come to realize what kind of guy my dad was. It’s interesting how the significance of my memories have changed with my perspective as an adult. I’ve come to realize that my dad was one of those people, the type that everyone wanted to be friends with, that lit up a room when he entered, the life of the party, the favourite uncle, etc. I was at a wedding once and at least 5 different men came up to me to tell me that my dad was their best friend. I’m so proud to say that he was that kinda guy.Here’s a small gallery of some of my favourites, in loving memory.

My favourite pic. That expression!

I loved going on fishing trips. I can still cast a line BTW.
Tony squared. My dad and his BFF (also named Tony). AKA Double Trouble.
Anytime was a good time for a BBQ. Hipster beard dad.
My parents having some fun. I think this was before my sis and I were in the picture.

Proud papa with his perfect first born ;)

Skiing, another favourite family past time.

My dad the babysitter.

Dad and his girls.

Family shot. Probably around 1985.

I do wonder sometimes what my adult relationship would be like with my dad and what his advice would’ve been through the past and current life changing years. But I know that he’s given me my creativity and sense of adventure and that I’m keeping him alive in that way. Have a wonderful Father’s Day!



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  1. Beautiful entry! Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories. I am sure your dad would be proud of the amazing, creative, passionate woman you are!