DIY: gold monogram mug

diy gold polka dot monogram mug

Here’s a simple DIY project for the weekend that makes a great personalized gift – for a great hostess, teacher, friend or make one for yourself to keep on your desk at work.

– permanent metallic marker
– sticker letter set
– white or solid colour mug

I got the letters & mug at the dollar store. I already had the Sharpies but they had metallic markers at the dollar store as well.

Stick down the letter and make sure to press down all the edges really well. I didn’t do such a great job of this of my first try and the marker bled underneath a bit.

Start making dots around the edge first to create the negative space of the letter, then slowly grow the dots outwards making them further apart as you go.

You’ll end up with something like this. You could also try doing a small word shape (a heart would be cute!). Carefully remove the sticker and you’ll have your finished mug!



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    • Hi! This particular way of doing this isn’t dish washer safe but I’m pretty sure you can buy proper ceramic paint at the craft store that would make it so or at least a little more durable :)