DIY: 8 thrifty halloween costume ideas

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Just in case you’re counting there’s 15 days left until Halloween. Did I mention how much I love Halloween? There’s something about getting to be in character for a night and mostly I love the creativity of putting together a costume. Do you still dress up for the holiday? Maybe to go trick-or-treating with the kids or get in the spirit while giving out candy? There’s nothing like a great Halloween house party. You get to dress up in anything you want, and whether it’s a sexy Betty Boop or an adorable dino, there are a ton of different costume ideas out there for you to choose from.

You can just go out and buy a costume but a) it will probably cost you a bunch of money and b) it’s no fun. To be honest, you’re probably never going to wear it again and I’m sure the kids play time will be more enjoyable with these new outfits. I’ve pulled together looks for 8 great halloween costume ideas that you can likely pull together from your own closet or at your local thrift shop. There’s a million possible ideas, and you can get inspiration from so many places, or find great break downs of costume ideas online like jessica jones or even The Dude.

Don’t hold it against me but I think some of these ideas may give away my age.

frida halloween costume
pretty woman julia roberts halloween costume
rosie the riveter halloween costume

anna wintour halloween costume

sandy from grease halloween costume

All those great ideas are for you my creative & resourceful readers. As for myself, I’m going as a mermaid. It’s a costume I’ve wanted to pull off for years and I’m going to make it happen this year. I have all my thrift shop treasures and now I just need to rip them all apart and make them into a whole new under the sea (PG Rated) masterpiece. Stay tuned for the results.

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4 responses to “DIY: 8 thrifty halloween costume ideas”

  1. Great ideas here! I especially love Pretty Woman and Jem (my hero!). I was totally Betty Boop a few years ago when I chopped off all my hair. I made my dress and made it waaaay too short..oops!

  2. These are great! Being a major Hitchcock fan though I have to point out that Tippi Hedren starred in The Birds not Grace Kelly. ;)