DIY: pumpkin decor with a natural twist

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Last week I decided to take advantage of a stunning October day and went for a walk to explore a friend’s country property. It was exactly what I needed and I barely had to leave the city to get it. As you can see by my outfit, I’m very inspired by the colours of fall. While I was kicking around in all the leaves I had a creative spark for a pumpkin decorating DIY.

If you want something a bit different that’s more seasonal and doesn’t scream (no pun intended) Halloween with no messing carving required then you’ll love this look.
You’ll need some white spray paint, unless of course you pick up some stunning white pumpkins, some modge podge or spray glue, a paint brush, selection of leaves and some optional gold paint.
First (not shown) spray paint your pumpkin. Map out your leaf pattern while you’re waiting for it to dry. Apply a coat of modge podge/glue to your pumpkin and begin to layout your design then coat completely with another layer of modge podge. It can get a bit messy but I swear that it will all dry transparent and the colours will shine through. If you want, you can paint the stumps gold to add a bit of sparkle.
Voila! I’m super happy with the results. They are so pretty and just highlight the natural beauty of fall.
I took a few smaller pumpkins and gave them a little copper colour spray paint ombre effect to add to the collection.



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