{THRIFTING 101: DIY plant stand makeover}

I grew up with a mom & grandmother with incredible green thumbs. It didn’t seem that this was passed along to me until recently. I’ve become very into the idea of having a loft full of plants. I have three fairly large ones and they’ve been kickin’ around for at least three years and still alive. So that’s a good sign.  So I’ve been slowly collecting great looking vintage plant stands at thrift shops. I found this one at a Goodwill for $5. I kinda loved it plain but I thought it could use a little update.
It’s pretty simple, you just need some time. Pick up your favourite yarn colours and a yarn needle (I got everything at Walmart). Make sure you do a little pre-planning and figure out the spacing so that it looks even when you’re done. 
Then you have something like this! The colour stripes really add a modern twist to this piece. You can mix with other vintage plant stands or mix with more modern & fresh to balance it out.
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