BEFORE & AFTER: an old tray gets a new makeover

Can you believe I found this wicker tray in the garbage room of my condo? Ok, ok, so it looks like it’s had better days and maybe it wouldn’t catch your eye but that’s why you have to have a DIY imagination. So even though the finish on the tray was worn it was actually in really good condition and I loved the shape & lines. I immediately imagined how great it would look in gold.
The weave already had a pattern and I really just wanted to keep it simple so I decided on a pretty easy triangle pattern to give this tray a fresh & modern update.
Here’s what you’ll need:
And here’s the transformation:
1  give the tray 2-3 coats of gold spray paint until well covered
2  measure & mark your pattern
3  tape it off, be sure to press down the edges well
4  mix/choose your paint colour and paint away
Pretty easy huh? And you have a funky new tray. Can’t you just see something like this at West Elm? No one has to know where you found it.

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    • wow! What a compliment! Thanks so much Amy. That means a ton coming from someone with such great taste. Way to make this girls day :)