HOLIDAY WEEK: DIY Light Fixture Holiday Decor

DIY Holiday Decor made from recycled light fixture by THe Sweet Escape

Thanks for stopping by DIY Holiday Week on the blog. Every day this week I’ll be posting a new holiday decor DIY project to help you give your space some holiday cheer. It’s time to get crafty people!

DIY Holiday Scene Light FixtureThe first one is a dramatic before & after DIY project. Isn’t this little holiday winter scene sweet? Find out how I gave an old dated light fixture from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore a whole new life as a piece of holiday decor.

Months ago I was inspired by this repurposed terrarium project on Hello Lidy so when I saw this light fixture at the ReStore for $3.00 I snapped it up hoping to do something similar. Well I never did get around to making it into a terrarium but it immediately popped into my head when thinking up some fun holiday projects. I saw some battery operated light up winter village pieces at the dollar store and the dots started to connect in my head to create an outdoor winter scene that would light up.

Here’s the dramatic before & after.

DIY Holiday Scene Light FixtureIt’s got quite the ‘wow’ factor, don’t you think? Believe it or not, considering the finished piece, it was pretty easy. All the materials I used to create the scene (glitter, trees, truck, lights) I found at the dollar store.

DIY Holiday Scene Light Fixture

christmas tree holiday truckHere’s the step by step:

DIY holiday scene steps


1 & 2 – turn the fixture over and remove all the bolts.
3 – remove the fixtures where the bulbs screw in. Use a piece of tape to block the holes.
4 – If your fixture design has little spacers, remove them to make the top flush to the base so no glitter/snow will fall out.
5 – Before re-attaching the base, place the light pole cords where you would like them.
6 – screw the base back on. The top should now be flush with the base.
7 – place the trees & lights where you want them with glue
8 – add the glitter and lastly the truck.

Then you can bask in the light (and glory) of your new winter scene decor piece. If you’re lucky, you can fit the switch underneath the base of the fixture or else just tuck it against the wall or at the back.

DIY light fixture holiday scene - The Sweet EscapeTalk about a makeover!

DIY light fixture holiday scene - The Sweet Escape DIY light fixture holiday scene - The Sweet Escape DIY light fixture holiday scene - The Sweet Escape

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    • oh darn! Well I got this for $3 so if you really want to, it won’t cost you much to get another one.