HOLIDAY DIY: recycled gift tags

DIY Recycled Card Gift Tags by The Sweet Escape

recycled card gift tagsThis is a super easy one for you. Don’t you think it’s just a shame to throw away all those lovely christmas cards at the end of the season? Well this year you should save them or if you’re like me, you may already have a small pile from last year. Turn those old cards into this year’s gift tags. Not only are you recycling but you’re giving those thoughtful cards from friends & family a second life.

recycled gift tags

All you really need for this is a small round hole puncher and if you want to invest in a Marvy gift tag puncher you can get one at Michael’s (a 40% off coupon…you’re welcome) I’ll admit, it’s easy to go a little gift tag crazy with this baby. But you can also just use scissors and cut out gift tag shapes.

recycled card gift tags 6

recycled card gift tags 3

You’re left with a bunch of unique gif tags to give your presents some extra flair for no extra cost.

recycled card gift tags 8

recycled card gift tags 4 recycled card gift tags 5recycled card gift tags

If you’re struggling for a gift to go with your gift tags, a friend suggested that you get a luxury watch from a Hamilton official retailer. It went down a treat with her lovely DIY gift tags!

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7 responses to “HOLIDAY DIY: recycled gift tags”

  1. i Love these!!! what a FAB idea! such a great way to reduce waste AND make something completely original – I love it! I’ll definitely be saving them from this year to do this next year!

  2. Love this idea! Any chance I can re-use something (or have an excuse for hoarding something), I’m down!