HOLIDAY DIY WEEK: merry & bright DIY Christmas art for your mantel

Merry and Bright DIY Christmas artwork by The Sweet Escape

Sweet escape DIY holiday projects

christmas artI have a show stopper to wrap up our week of holiday DIY’s. You can create this great piece of art for your mantel or wall and let it light up your space. It’s not super complicated but there are a few steps so keep reading to find out how you can make this simple and fresh looking piece of holiday art.

What you’ll need for this project:
– a blank canvas, whatever size you choose
– acrylic paint & brush
– painters tape
– glitter (optional)
– 1-2 strings of clear lights (battery operated are especially great)
– a sharp skewer (or anything that will make a hole in canvas)
– pencil

First give your canvas a coat of white paint so you have a nice clean slate.

holiday forest artOnce it’s completely dry, tape off some triangle shaped trees of various sizes.

steps 2Pick or mix various shades of green and start filling in your trees.

steps 3

You will need two layers of trees so do the back layer first then once it’s completely dry tape and paint the second layer. You’ll have something like this! Take a glitter glue stick or a coloured marker and write out “Merry & Bright”. (not shown)

steps 4

Then comes the kinda tedious part. Count how many lights you have (I used two strings, 60 lights) then with a pencil mark up where you want them. When you’re happy with your light placement, poke holes with a sharp skewer or tool.

steps 5

Then you turn your canvas around and start popping the lights in the holes. You’ll have a crazy looking mess behind the scenes…kinda like this. Battery operated lights make life a bit easier but you could also use a string of white plug in lights and it would still work.

steps 6Now it’s time for the big test and reveal. Turn your canvas right side over and turn on your lights and check out your new masterpiece. You really can’t have too many clear twinkle lights during the holidays and this piece just looks so great with your lit up tree.

bright and merry 3 bright and merry 1bright and merry 7Thanks for stopping by DIY HOLIDAY WEEK. I hope you were inspired to get crafty. If you do give any of these projects a try, please send me a pic – I would love to see! And don’t you worry, this won’t be the last of holiday DIY’s until Christmas…it was just a big dose to get you in the spirit and get started.


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