{SPACES: my pink velvet crush}

So it’s kinda a long story that’s not particular interesting but some kind vintage gods touched down on me and this fabulous pink vintage couch in currently in my possession. I’m not totally sure how long it will be around, it’s future is still TBD but as long as it’s here it will be loved.

pink velvet sofa

So what’s the first thing I did? Style it and photograph it of course. Here’s this pink lady in all her glory with a few other of my vintage finds I have around the  loft. As you can see, I think they would all make great friends.

vintage pink velvet sofa pink velvet sofa 2 pink velvet sofa 3 pink velvet sofa 4 pink velvet sofa 5 pink velvet sofa 6What do you think? Do you have any favourite combos? I don’t think there’s a manual on how to work a pink velvet sofa into your space.


4 responses to “{SPACES: my pink velvet crush}”

  1. It was just fantastic meet you at alt and now, come and see your fantastic taste! Where was the sofa when I was looking for pieces for our daughter’s room! I love that exact color of pink… and then, with the grey – fantastic! I, too, wish we had had more time to chat but, am very happy to find you here and love thinking of another more northernly creative! I look forward to staying in touch!