{VALENTINES DAY: some links to love for the day of love}

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Love it or hate it, it has arrived. I’m a single gal, so I’m a little bit of A and B. I’ve been single for a while and even considered getting one of those Love dolls to have a little company but I’ve never committed to the idea. Maybe one day but right now, my current toys do just the trick when I’m feeling alone.

My thoughts on Valentine day: sure it can be totally cheesy and filled with unnecessary expectations and a big scam by the retailers, candy makers and florists of the world BUT if you’re lucky enough to have a partner in your life that you’re relatively happy to be with then it’s kinda nice to have a day to take a moment to acknowledge it. It can be a big or small gesture but I think a moment to ‘give thanks’ for finding that other person in this huge world isn’t so bad. – Amen

If you’re currently single but will be entering the dating scene imminently, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to make romantic gestures to your prospective partner to gauge your compatibility. Allow me to offer some words of wisdom to those on the cusp of their first date… General advice is, that if your boyfriend or girlfriend avoids introducing you to their parents, children, or close friends after a reasonable period of time, this should alert you that there is something going on. Perhaps they haven’t been entirely truthful in their description of their family life or past. And let’s be honest, if your date is hiding you from family, how do you know they are who they say they are? Of course, this is not something to worry about if you’re only just getting to know someone but they are signs to look out for. Also, if you’re looking for more casual dating, hookups, or Discreet Gay Dating then please be careful and stay safe! The number of STI cases is always increasing so be sure to wear protection and be sensible with who you meet.

Now here’s a few interesting Valentine-related links you may (or may not) enjoy.

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It’s also the most popular time of year for breaking up.

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