SHOP LOCAL: a bungalow full of vintage style

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bungalow west vintage storeI feel like I don’t talk about my vintage style obsession nearly enough on here. I guess it’s not every day that I feel like playing super model if you know what I mean.  If you know me, you know that my closet is FULL of vintage dresses. I live in the super awesome and eclectic neighbourhood of Kensington Market which is home to a ton of fabulous vintage stores. It can be a bit dangerous for me to be honest. People often ask me what’s my favourite store and it’s really hard for me to have a favourite because I love them all equally and I’ve found amazing dresses at all of them. But I was particularly inspired at my last visit to  Bungalow & Bungalow West that I had to share.

bungalow west vintage dress

They are sister stores, across the street from each other on Augusta Avenue. They’re both super great but Bungalow West is where you’ll find a little bit of higher quality and formal type wear. I definitely love the hunt of a thrift shop but there’s something to say for beautifully organized and displayed curated vintage. If you’re looking for a party dress and want to stand out from the crowd and not spend a small fortune, consider one of these vintage beauties.

bungalow west vintage 3

The staff talk the talk and walk the walk (read: incredibly stylish) without being pretentious. I mean, they let me try on about a million dresses and take all these photos and didn’t give me any dirty looks.

bungalow vintage dress bungalow vintage dress2If you can’t commit to wearing vintage from head to toe or just want a little hint of it, there’s also tons of accessories and even some fabrics if you want to make something for yourself or your space.

bungalow west vintage 2Maybe you feel like rocking the Michael Jackson Thriller look? There’s also stuff there for your man, it’s not just for the ladies, although that’s obviously what I gravitated towards.

bungalow west vintage 4I’ve you’re already a vintage lover or feeling a bit adventurous in the style dept come visit Kensington Market this weekend and take a look. I bet you’ll leave with a new favourite.

If you’re not in Toronto stop by Bungalow’s Shopcaster page to see their online selection.

5 responses to “SHOP LOCAL: a bungalow full of vintage style”

  1. That looks like an amazing shop. I have to check it out for sure. It’s neat that they carry vintage fabrics, that are usually pretty hard to find.

  2. That shop looks fun! I haven’t been to Kensington in ages. What do you think…is it worth the trek from the burbs for a teenager who needs a prom dress and doesn’t love the stuff at the mall?

    • Oh absolutely! Sounds like it would be the perfect place to look for a daughter with such unique taste :) Also try Flashback and Flashback 2, and King of Kensington. There’s a TON of vintage shops in the market to pick from. And the winter is not too busy…good time to shop.