PAPER PARTY: DIY paper flower bouquet + book giveaway


Hooray, we made it through our first year! It’s been so much fun crafting, inspiring, cooking, styling and decorating with you this past year. Tradition says that paper is the gift for a 1st year anniversary so we’re having a paper party this week. But unlike tradition the birthday gifts are for you! We have a week filled with paper inspiration, crafts & giveaways so be sure to check in each day for some special paper lovin’.
DIY paper flowers 1

We’re kicking off this paper party with some beautiful paper flowers. I’ve been admiring the book, Paper to Petals by Patrick Farrell, Rebecca Thuss since it came out and have always been inspired by paper flowers so I thought this was a perfect time to give it a go. I got a copy from Indigo Books and just sat with it for a good 30 minutes flipping through the pages admiring the stunning flowers, art direction and photography. The book itself is almost as beautiful as the paper flowers found within its pages.

So what you need depends on what flowers you choose to make. The book gives very detailed supply and ‘how to’ instructions for each type of flower. But there are a few basic supplies you’ll need for pretty much any flower. If you’re in the Toronto area, stop by The Paper Place for their beautiful crepe paper selection.
DIY paper flowers 2

The original plan was to do a bouquet filled with different flowers but once I got one solid flower under my belt I decided that sticking with one type of flower was a little more realistic for this paper flower newbie. So I decided to stick with the Crumpled Poppies design. I admit that these beauties require a little patience but I can testify that they do get easier as you go and get more comfortable & quicker. I loved playing with the colour combos and really seeing the flowers come together with each step.
DIY paper flowers 3

Don’t forget about the leaves. They definitely make the bouquet more realistic and add some colour. DIY paper flowers 4

I have to say that I exceeded my own expectations. I’m in love with how these beauties turned out. I got a little addicted and had a hard time stopping once I got on a role. I decided to go with a bright and bold spring bouquet. Wouldn’t you love to see these pop up in your paper garden?
DIY paper flowers 5

Break up the wood skewers and wrap around the wire stem so you have a strong base to plant your flowers. I put actual soil in the vase and found this worked well but you could also use styrofoam or anything you like. A white vintage vase really lets the flowers shine. I suggest sticking to an opaque vase because unlike natural flowers, the stems aren’t so pretty to look at. Then sit back and enjoy your long lasting creation.
DIY paper flowers 6 DIY paper flowers 7 DIY paper flowers 8 paper to petal book

Aren’t you inspired?! This video will get you even more excited and give you a little more of a sneak peek into the book.

If you are totally in love with the idea of creating your own paper creations you can enter to win a hardcover copy of this beautiful book. Happy birthday! See below how to enter and good luck!

paper to petals book giveaway

* this contest is  now closed.  

Photography & Styling: The Sweet Escape

13 responses to “PAPER PARTY: DIY paper flower bouquet + book giveaway”

  1. So, this is strange, I followed you on IG, had no idea you were a Canadian blogger until I saw your Almonte post! Then I saw you in one of the bloggy groups I’m in and bam, it’s your first bloggy birthday! CONGRATS! Now you are having this awesome giveaway and you bet I’ve entered! Again, congrats and fingers crossed I’d love that book!!! xo

    • Thanks Laurie! Yup, Canadian through and through. I go to Almonte quite often, it’s like my second hometown. Maybe we’ll cross paths there one day!

  2. I never even knew I wanted to do this until I saw your post… and now I NEED to. Fave flower is peony. Happy 1 year!

    • Thanks Emma! I totally got addicted. How can you not when you can turn paper into something this pretty?!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to The Sweet Escape! I am in love with flower making! I need that book!

  4. Being a complete paper junkie and letter loving gal I couldn’t stop gushing over your beautiful pictures of these lovely paper flowers. Given that Spring isn’t showing itself anytime soon in Calgary, AB I think these flowers are the way to go! :) Congrats on your one year anniversary.

  5. I am pretty sure one of my favorite flowers is the dandelion. Technically considered a weed I suppose, but a field of them are beautiful all the same!