{THRIFTING 101: a simple green centerpiece}

green vintage centerpiece

I thought St. Patrick’s was a great day to share this recent centerpiece I put together full of thrifted finds and simple greens. Last week I attended a delicious dinner event (more about that coming later) hosted by a chef friend of mine. It was his first event and first venture out on his own so he asked if I could help put together some decor for the tables on a very small budget. Lucky for him I happen to be somewhat of a thrifted treasure hoarder so between what I already had and trip to the thrift store and some super simple and affordable greens I was able to put something together.  At the end of the night I was left to bring everything home and decided to set it up on my own dining table. Keep reading for more details on how I pulled this look together.

green vintage centerpiece 4

This centerpiece is made up entirely of pieces I found at the thrift shop. Now I’ll admit that you do have to have a bit of an eye or feel for mixing and matching to pull something like this together. I used a combination of the following:

• glass candle stick holders
• small goblet style glasses
• round copper pots
• vintage mason mars
• brass and silver candle stick holders

green vintage centerpiece 5

If you want to try something like this my tip is to mix textures and colours that are similar, even though the objects are different. So in this case the copper/brass/silver finishes go together and the glass mason jars and candlestick holders. Using one color for florals also helped pull it together but if you’re more advanced you can mix up the florals as well.  green vintage centerpiece 6

green vintage centerpiece 7 green vintage centerpiece 8 green vintage centerpiece 9As for the greenery & candles, I only spent $15 on greenery and the candles were from the dollar store.  Those supplies were enough to create 6 centerpieces. Doesn’t get much more budget friendly than that.  And I have to let you in on a secret – that doesn’t include the succulents because they’re fake! I confess that I use fake succulents to decorate my own space and just borrowed some of those for this project. The great things about succulents is that even the real ones look fake so it’s virtually impossible for people to tell the difference.

thrifted decor


If you were inspired by this project check out another one of my centerpieces made from thrifted treasures.

2 responses to “{THRIFTING 101: a simple green centerpiece}”

  1. This is so gorgeous Melissa! I love the mix of vases that you used and all of the greenery! Together it is all fresh and fabulous! I love the capiz shell chandy too and I have thought about buying it many times! You have mad decorating skills girl! Angie xo

  2. wow, thanks so much Angie for all the compliments. You’re making me blush! ;) If there’s one thing I definitely know how to do well is make old things pretty.