{ARTIST SHOWCASE: Monique Van Genderen}

How about a little colour to get you going today? The world of art is something that’s still a bit unfamiliar to me. Like anything creative it’s so damn subjective. And like anything creative I say, if YOU like it, it’s good.  I’ve been living in my loft for 5.5 years now and it could use a refresh. Read: I’m getting bored with it. I have a huge 6’x6′ stretched canvas over my tv in the living area and want to change it up with something more artsy. I know I definitely can’t afford a 6’x6′ piece of fancy art but I like to look at the fancy stuff for inspiration. My mind has been going in a few different directions but today I’m inspired by big pops of abstract colour. I’m loving the colour palettes and messy brush strokes of these pieces from artist Monique Van Genderen who is based out of L.A. (As seen at  the Michael Jensson Gallery )

I’m particularly drawn to this piece full of neon. What do you think?

Monique Van Genderen 4

Artist Showcase: Monique Van Genderen / The Sweet Escape Monique Van Genderen 2 Monique Van Genderen 3
Monique Van Genderen 5


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