SPACES & TRAVEL: treehouse heaven Part 1

treehouse heaven

If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen a few shots from this amazing treehouse I stayed at just over a week ago. I’m kinda a tease because I never like to give too much away on Instagram. Also I would’ve flooded your feed because it was such a stunning place – so stunning that I have to do a two-part post. This one is all about the treehouse and tomorrow is about the rest of the beautiful property. Keep reading to find out how I ended up at this little piece of heaven on earth, the fab owner and of course more photos. (PS, yes it is available to rent)

Full disclosure & a side note: after coming home from this wonderful few days with my BFF and going through my photos I was kinda shocked that there isn’t one single photo of me enjoying this time with my friend or the wonderful new people that I met. Sometimes as a blogger I can get too caught up in the documentation of what I’m doing and forget to actually put myself or the people I’m spending time with in the pictures to make the more personal memories last. Also I don’t happen to be dating or married or friends with photographers. Don’t you feel like some bloggers must have their own personal photog following them around? Anyway, lesson learned and new goal set moving forward. More people pictures, even if I don’t look good.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

Ok, so you’re wondering how I ended up at this place? It’s all thanks to the wonderfully gracious and talented Lynne Knowlton. She’s a fellow blogger who I’ve followed and hang out with in the same online circles for the last year but never had the pleasure of meeting. If you’re looking to be inspired in your life, tips on how to make your blog better or just want a dose of positivity or help getting your @ss in gear, stop by her blog and stay awhile.

I used to drool over her treehouse photos and wonder how I could ever get myself there when renting it just wasn’t in my budget. Then I had a light bulb moment. I thought we could do a house swap! I have a pretty unique place in an awesome ‘hood in the city and we could trade it up and then each write about it. I didn’t always have a home that I was proud to just offer up at a moment’s notice. It took me a long time to find the house of my dreams, and it was finally made possible after using somewhere like this real estate company that buys properties for cash in SoCal, so I was able to move into my unique place at a much faster rate. It saved me the hassle of having to wait for it to sell, which I greatly appreciated. And now, I have a house that I’m proud to call my own, and so trading it to see the treehouse was definitely a great idea. So I pitched it and to my delight, she was down with the idea. But even better than a switch, she sent her daughter to stay at my place so we got to meet and hang out…and laugh. A lot.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

I’m already a huge believer in repurposing and upcycling but this treehouse will make you never turn your back on an old piece of building material again (hoarder alert). Pretty much the whole entire structure and every single detail is something old now living a new life as part of this dreamy treehouse. Every door, door handle, sink, window, floor, walls, is full of character. I think my favourite detail was the big double doors that welcome you into the cozy space.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

Even though it’s a small space, there’s so many windows and light coming through that it feels like you really are kinda inside a tree. Here’s an awesome panoramic view of the main level. I love the big windows and bar that open up to the porch.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet EscapeIt’s very rustic with all it’s beams and tin bones showing but has so much character thanks to the understated and simple decor elements chosen by Lynne.
Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

You have to climb up a ladder to the 2nd level loft to crawl into this cozy bed with lots more windows for an amazing fresh night air sleep.

Treehouse heaven bedroom / The Sweet Escape

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet EscapeThis is the view from the day bed in the living area. Isn’t that hanging chair just calling your name? Like seriously, there are so many places to make yourself comfortable that it’s almost stressful to have to pick one. So much comfort, not enough lazy hours. #bigproblems

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

This is where we ate breakfast in the morning, facing the sunrise and just kicking back in these comfy chairs.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

And of course, what is a treehouse without a big red slide?! I know, right!? As if staying in a tree house didn’t already call out your inner child.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

The treehouse is on Lynne’s family property along with her family home that she shares with her amazing husband and four kids but the tree house has a little corner all to itself. They really did a great job making you feel like you’re in your own little world among the trees. I imagine the trees around the treehouse require some pretty intense maintence, but no doubt Lynne knows someone like these Certified Orlando Tree Service Experts who can come and do the work for her.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

At some point you’re thinking, “yeah this is great, but where do you poop?”. Well friends, lets just get it out in the open. You have to use an “outhouse”. I put that word in quotations because other than it being a little wood house that you have to walk outside to get to, it has absolutely nothing in common with an outhouse. It’s also constructed completely from repurposed building materials, with the exception of the indoor plumbing features. (I felt fortunate my home has plumbing and sewage systems when I was using these facilities, as well as the fact I have the ability to get in contact with the likes of a Plumber In South St. Paul MN or similar plumbing services, should I ever have any toilet or water issues. It really makes you appreciate the common amenities you usually have in your house!).

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

More rustic details.

Treehouse Heaven / The Sweet Escape

It’s like old and rustic yet glam all at the same time. This vanity was custom made by a friend of Lynne’s. Isn’t it gorgeous?! She definitely knows how to make you feel special and spoiled. After a hard day of lounging around the tree house and going down the slide, there’s nothing like a nice hot shower and fresh’n up when you’re roughing it in the outdoors.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

Below the treehouse is this lovely dining/seating space with the most charming antique hanging swing and perfect hanging pendants. This is where we held our crafting session, the results coming soon to a blog near you.

treehouse 10

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

Remember when I said there’s so many perfect places to lounge that it’s almost stressful choosing where to veg out? I wasn’t joking. I think this hammock was my fave though. There’s something about just hanging that’s so comfortable and give me a beautiful view and peaceful surroundings and that’s pretty much it, I can die happy.

Treehouse Heaven Hammock / The Sweet Escape

Here’s another view of the treehouse in all it’s afternoon sunlight glory. I knew this was a special place but until I experienced it for myself I couldn’t have imagined how magical it truly is. It was such a wonderful experience staying here but it was also the amazing people that shared it with me that made it so great. Lots of make-you-pee kind of laughing with my BFF and Lynne and her family are just so welcoming and open. They also didn’t kick us out when my friend broke a glass within the first 30 minutes of being there. God I can’t take her anywhere.

This treehouse and the rest of the property (that you will see tomorrow) are the definition of a labour of love. This tree house was built on love and you could feel it come through in every single, beautiful & thoughtful detail.

treehouse 21

Just in case you didn’t pick it up earlier in the post, yes heaven is available to rent. You can check out the rates and details on Trip Advisor and book yourself a piece of treehouse heaven. I just want to say thank you again to Lynne for giving us these special couple of days. I’m so happy that blogging brought me here and introduced me to you! And thank you Mother Nature for just being you and having mercy on us with 3 days of perfect weather.

Treehouse heaven / The Sweet Escape

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  1. Guuuurl, I miss ‘yer mug at the treehouse. The treehouse has been whining about it since you left. “where are the girls?” Where? Where?

    It was an absolute hoot to have you and the Em-ster here. We loved every minute of it.

    Your photos. Ohhhh your photos. I’m totally stealing them when you’re not looking. Jokes.

    PS. To those of you who read/love Melissa and her bloggy… she is the real deal. Salt of the Earth. Funny. Fun. Ahmmmazing to talk to. Über talented. She legit does crafts every chance she gets. Not crafty crafts. Design awesomeness of craft-design-ola.


    Lynne xx

    • Awe thanks Lynne! I’m still in withdrawal and dreaming about a treehouse surrounded by fall colours. PS: steal as many photos as you like!