SAY I DO: emerald green wedding design

emerald green watercolor wedding invitation design by The Sweet Escape, destination wedding

Wedding Invite Design / The Sweet Escape

Ok, so this is a bit late but it’s worth it because now I have some beautiful professional photos to share with you of the pretty emerald green wedding design I did for my friend’s wedding. Speaking of professional photos, having professional Dayton wedding photographers is a wedding must-have. They often know the best backgrounds and best techniques to make a wedding photo really shine. The photographer my friend got for their wedding, Lee Weston, was AMAZING as you will soon see as I was able to post some of the wedding photos here too.

Let’s get into the background of my friend’s wedding. Wayyyy back in May one of my BFF’s got hitched in beautiful Mexico and I happened to be one of the bridesmaids. It was my first destination wedding and I think I was spoiled because not only was the resort stunning but I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to celebrate with for a week. I also happened to design everything for the wedding which pretty much makes me the best bridesmaid ever. That’s a testimonial from the bride by the way. Sorry Val, Josie, Liza, Niki.

The venue was beautiful, the atmosphere was amazing, and the resort was incredible. My friends and I were always interested in the different types of venues that would be great for weddings. One our way here, a close friend of mine told us about her younger cousin who is currently checking out wedding venues lichfield had to offer for her own wedding. It would be fascinating to see how those venues would look, however right now, I couldn’t imagine anything better than this resort and this view!

First, can we all just take a moment to appreciate (and be jealous) of the view from our room. I didn’t want to rub it in the bride & groom’s face while I was there but our room was nicer than theirs. I think that’s a bit of good karma for the two (pretty much only) single ladies flying solo at a destination wedding. If you’re curious, we stayed at the Playacar Palace resort.

Mexico resort destination wedding / The Sweet Escape

Ok, now on to the design stuff. The bride wanted emerald green as her colour of choice and loved the watercolour look. I’ll be honest, I don’t always see eye to eye with a bride when it comes to design but in this case I was all over it. Part of the reason we’re such good friends is that we both have incredibly, truly, fantastic and amazing taste. Because it was a destination, there was a separate info package sent out and the invites were more of an email formality so I got to keep the design (above) nice and simple.

bride groom footwear

Because it was a destination wedding, the couple wanted to do an extra special thank you swag piece. Each couple received one of these bags filled with goodies when they arrived. They made great beach bags and also a way for us to mark our tribe while at a resort with 5 other weddings happening. It was a simple one-colour typographic screen printing job.

Emerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design: tote bag / The Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography

My favourite piece that was included in the bag was this mini survival kit with sunglasses and Advil. The couple are big JayZ fans and thought this quote was not only perfect for the occasion but a nice little tribute to how they met (at his concert).

Emerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design: Sunglasses & Advil survival kit / The Sweet Escape

The shades were a huge hit with the guests. Huge. We were by far the coolest wedding guests on the resort and luckily no one was harmed in any fights over colours. As far as the design, I continued with the green watercolour swoosh to make it tie in with everything.

Wedding swag: Sunglasses & Advil, last night was mad real / The Sweet Escape


We went a similar design route with 2-sided bag toppers for the sweet bags that were at the reception. There wasn’t a budget for gold foil, and who are we kidding, maybe like 3 people there would’ve even noticed it so I went with faux gold glitter to add a bit of shimmer.

Emerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design: Hot Stuff Candy Bags / The Sweet EscapeEmerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design: Hot Stuff Candy Bags / The Sweet Escape

Emerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design / The Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography
Emerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design: Candy Bags / The Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography

The reception was literally right on the beach which is nice. Sometimes you see destination weddings with the reception indoors which doesn’t make any sense. Although I do have a tip – try to stick with a long dress or it will be girl in short dress vs the wind. Not pretty. Well not for this pasty white curvy gal.

Destination Wedding: Mexico / The Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography

Some more design details – more green watercolour for the menu and place settings which looked great with the clean white linens. Also some cute custom matches and sparklers for the guest to use later in the evening.

Emerald Green Watercolour theme wedding design: Menu & Sparklers / The Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography

Since it wasn’t my wedding to share I’m not going to go post a bunch of pictures of the event but here’s me and the stunning bride, my good friend Marie-Lou. The couple brought the super talented Lee Weston Photography along from Toronto to document the event and you should definitely check out her work and keep her in mind for your next wedding or milestone that you want to document.

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dress / THe Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography
Destination Wedding Mexico / The Sweet Escape
photo by Lee Weston Photography
beach wedding
photo by Lee Weston Photography

Love was in the air for sure. I knew it was a good decision to throw these in my luggage at the last minute.

heart wedding shades

What a lovely bunch. Congratulations and best wishes to Marie-Lou and Shawn!

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  1. Melissa – wow – your designs set such a special tone for this beautiful celebration! I love that you put thought into making the ordinary (plastic sunnies) happy, fun, and designy! Lucky friend!
    p.s. Nice work on scoring such an awesome room!

    • Thanks Jordana! The shades were definitely a huge crowd pleaser and great keepsake from the trip.

  2. Melissa I was unable to attend the wedding unfortunately so reading your description of the little details of the wedding really made me feel like I have a feel of how it all happened- absolutely perfect from what I can tell…thanks so much for sharing :)