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Christmas Holiday Photo Cards by Shutterfly / The Sweet EscapeOk, so this post is either going to make you laugh at me, make you think I’m a total narcissist or make you go out and order some cards with you or your family’s face plastered all over them. Hopefully it will be the latter. Here’s the thing – I absolutely love Shutterfly and their beautiful cards but there’s a category missing from their photo selection. You know how you’ll receive all those family, couples or pet photos from friends and family? Sometimes there’s just the kids, not even the parents – like the parents aren’t part of the family. ha..that always makes me laugh a bit. Well the question is, what do you do when you’re a petless single gal or guy? Well I did it people, I ordered cards with just my photo on them. I admit that I ran the idea by a few close friends first to see if it was super creepy but I think I’m really loving them.

Christmas Gold Foil Holiday Photo Cards by Shutterfly / The Sweet Escape

I ordered two versions, you know, just to change it up a bit. I had this photo above from the blog’s 1 year anniversary that I liked and a photo (below) from a mini style post I did last winter which I thought was appropriate for the season. You can find the stunning foil-stamped Happiest Holidays design here and the fun Happy Holiday design here. Of course they both show children, not a grown 30-something year old woman. There’s lots of ways to customize Shutterfly cards aside from the photo. You have a bunch of options for size, trims, colours, etc. that really give you some creative flexibility to make the card your own.

Christmas Holiday Photo Cards by Shutterfly / The Sweet Escape

I know that we live in a really selfie-obsessed society but there’s something to say about printing out and documenting happy  looking moments because it’s inevitable, as we get older we look back on past photos and think “I looked great, why wasn’t I happy with myself then? I’m so much older now!”  Am I alone on this one or not? That’s just one reason I think it’s nice to embrace your current you and go ahead and print yourself on cards and distribute to all your friends & family.

Christmas Holiday Photo Cards by Shutterfly / The Sweet Escape

As you can see, it was easy for me to edit the type and customize with my own name instead of a whole family. Christmas Holiday Photo Cards by Shutterfly / The Sweet Escape

And here’s a close-up of the beautiful foil-stamp. There’s so many gorgeous foil-stamped designs or regular christmas card designs to choose from. Honestly the hardest part is choosing your favourites, that’s why I think it’s nice to choose a couple.

Christmas Gold Foil Holiday Photo Cards by Shutterfly / The Sweet Escape

I also decided to get some address labels because they were so pretty and I’m running low. The labels I picked match my card designs without being overly festive so I can use them all year. I went with the Blessed Striped Labels and the Merry Ever After designs. You know me, I’m a sucker for colour. Shutterfly also has lots of great holiday specific designs and you can even add a photo if you want. And no, I’m not going to tell the whole world my address. Silly.

Custom Return lables by Shutterfly / The Sweet Escape


Custom Return lables by Shutterfly / The Sweet EscapeSo? Are you ready to print some of those pretty faces for the holidays? Your aunts & grand parents will love them, trust me. Head over to Shutterfly and check out the lovely card & stationary selection, I bet you won’t be able to resist. There’s some great 30-40% off promotions on right now so it’s a no brainer really.

So I know that was a major spoiler alert if you’re on my Christmas card list but I just had to share. If you don’t get one……..I’m sure it just got lost in the mail, don’t worry.



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  1. Oh my gosh…you are so right! I haven’t seen any cards with 1 person but there is nothing in the world wrong with that! I love your cards!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much Michele! You just made my day :) If I had your address I would send you a card..haha!