Winter Fun in the Country

winter-day-in-countryHey there Monday. How was your weekend? I admit there’s some irony to me writing a winter fun post while kicking back in sunny Florida while it’s – 20 degrees at home. I know, not fair. For the record, I actually don’t hate winter but to me, winter must come with snow. Without the snow, it’s just cold and grey. I don’t know about you but since….oh I don’t know, I got my license maybe – I just haven’t truly enjoyed winter the way I used to as a kid. Maybe it is because I now have my license. Driving in snow is not fun. Snow can make the roads slippy and dangerous, so I don’t really enjoy it. People always seem to have accidents when it snows outside. Then they have to contact a car accident lawyer Fresno, or wherever they are, to help them in a legal battle. This sort of thing has happened to a few people I know, so that might be why I don’t really enjoy the snow as much as I used to. Remember those awesome snow days? Building snow forts? Going skating? and for my family there were lots of ski trips. It was fun! Then I started to grow up, get all too cool for school and then literally go away for school, moved in a city where snow doesn’t seem to stick to the ground. I remember those days I would want to stay in bed on my memory foam mattress than have to face the outside world. That’s why I was so excited to receive an invite from my friends at Nestea to actually E-N-J-O-Y winter with a day in the country followed by some delicious food & cocktails.


The day started off with some horseback riding. My horse was named Amy. I love when animals have total BFF human names. I didn’t find out until after I (by “I”, I’m referring to Amy) accidentally joined the group of advanced riders who can trot that Amy is a racehorse. Needless to say, she liked to move. I was just happy I didn’t fall off but there was some touch and go moments. Although a bit frightened for my life, I still enjoyed the experience and the scenery was so beautiful covered in a blanket of snow. If you’ve always wanted to go horseriding, it may be beneficial to know if you ever visit South Carolina, looking into Greenville SC attractions could help make finding things to see and do a lot easier.


Another day, another horse selfie. This guy loved the camera.


After horseback riding we took a little spin on a hay ride. It was sunny but also pretty damn cold. It was the first time I put my Manitobah Mukluks to the test and I’m happy to say that not only do they look great, they kept my toes warm!


winter-day-in-country5Once we were nice and cold it was time to change locations and get some drinks in our hand and food in our belly. The folks at Nestea put together an amazing intimate tasting & cocktail menu for the group of us at a beautiful cozy barn space at Country Heritage Park in Halton Hills. I loved it. Someone I know needs to get married there. Like for real.


We were greeted with hot toddies and blankets then seated for a tasting full cocktails using Nestea’s two new flavours paired with some delish bites.


I have a whole new perspective on using Nestea to make cocktails after this. It was a pretty close race but my fav drink was the Northern TEAni. It was a tea spin on a gin & tonic. Yum! You can find the Northern TEAni recipe right here.

My close second fav was the Tea Royal. I’m a sucker for anything bubbly and in gold glasses and the rosemary twist was surprisingly perfect. You can find the Tea Royal recipe right here. winter-day-in-country12

We also tried a Sake TEAni and Berry Cool TEAni. Both were also really good, although the sake is more of an acquired taste.
winter-day-in-country8It was a great day filled with some winter fun, lots of new faces and some delish drinks and bites. Melissa 1 – Winter 0.

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