DIY: How to make your own lamp shade

DIY-lamp-shade-1This post is very long overdue. So years ago I found these two matching Blue Mountain Pottery style lamps. Major score! Now here’s the thing with vintage lamps – they can be super cool but will give you grey hairs trying to find the right size modern lamp shade. Like seriously, it’s impossible! Until I discovered this amazing kit that shows you how to make your own lamp shade.

DIY lamp shade kit 2

That’s why when i like that lamp asked if I was interested in trying one of their Lamp Shade Kits, I jumped (up and down) at the opportunity.

DIY lamp shade kit

The kit comes with everything you need to make your own shade, minus the fabric.  I chose a simple white linen for my shade but you can have some fun at the fabric store. These shades are about 14″ high and 1 yard of fabric was plenty. Use the measuring guide to figure out what size you need to order and you’re on your way.

DIY lamp shade kit 6

Full disclosure, I would say that this project probably isn’t the best choice as your first ever DIY attempt. It’s not super hard but it definitely takes a bit of time & patience and some DIY experience will help you along the way.

TIP: Make sure your fabric is ironed very well and use tape or clamps at one end to allow you to pull the fabric as you adhere the backing to ensure the smoothest application. 


Once you have the clips holding down the fort, its pretty smooth sailing from there. Voila! You have a perfect, modern shade for your vintage treasure. It also feels great to recycle and give new life to an old piece rather than it end up in a landfill.

DIY lamp shade kit 11

On another thrifted score note, I found this colourful bed cover (well that’s what I think it is) and couldn’t leave it behind. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it. I have some cool string art planned for the living area but until that actually happens I thought I would try this out. I’m still on the fence. What do you think? It seems to go well with the new lamps as well as the plant and the pink couch & orange rug, which are both probably on their way out in the near future.
DIY lamp shade kit 12

Next time you see an awesome lamp on your thrift hunt, grab it up and visit i like that lamp to turn it into your new favourite accessory.

2 responses to “DIY: How to make your own lamp shade”

  1. I love it! Your shades turned out great and suit the lamp bases so well. Great tip on ironing the fabric well first and using tape to keep the tension right.

  2. This is a great post, Melissa. I had no idea such a company/option existed. I, too, have a pair of vintage lamps that need shades, and I have had no such luck finding the perfect shade size. My lamps are tall and I need tall shades. Everything I have found has been 11 or 12 inches and I need larger ones. Must check out the site…