KITCHEN MAKEOVER: our online TV debut with House & Home

Yes, I refer to my new kitchen and I as a “we”. God knows we spend enough time together, share an apartment and take a lot of selfies together. I think that pretty much sums up life as a couple. My kitchen was recently remodeled using a local service similar to Remodel Works, and I love it. Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home improvements that people do these days as it can add so much value to a property. If any other homeowners are considering a kitchen remodel, it might be worth using a secured loan calculator to see if they could achieve a loan that way. Kitchen remodels are expensive, so many people do take out loans against their homes. That’s worth considering. Whilst they may cost a significant amount, a kitchen remodel can add a lot of value to a home. That’s why so many homeowners look into companies that can offer Custom Kitchen Remodel services. A modern kitchen is every homeowner’s dream, so why not go ahead with it?

Having a brand new kitchen adds a bit of extra happiness to my home, I feel proud to cook in my kitchen again! Obviously, I got all of my new expensive gadgets covered under a home warranty plan such as those provided by First American Home Warranty (click here now) so that I could buy the fancy stuff I wanted without having to worry too much about them malfunctioning or breaking down.

Check out our video debut on House & Home online TV that went live yesterday. Obviously the kitchen showed well, I mean look how sexy that colour is. I on the other hand am so thankful for great editors. Talking about my kitchen comes pretty easily because it was a project I was so passionate about but it’s a whole new world in front of a camera. Thank you so much to the H&H team for editing so that I sounded totally natural and what I said made sense.

Watch the video of my kitchen update on House & Home Online TV:

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