BIRTHDAY WEEK: cake topper giveaway!

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Oh-Happy-Day-Topper-GIVEAWAYAnd Birthday Week continues! Isn’t this a blast?!  So we have a cake and we have birthday headbands to wear. Now maybe you can use a cake topper. Who wouldn’t want to brighten up a cake with one of these? If you want to go beyond just some candles but still keep it classy without having to special order something from a bakery then what you need is one of these adorable cake toppers. They are all great for a birthday but they’re generic enough for any celebration really and I just happen to be giving away one of each design. Hooray to that!Hooray Birthday Paper Cake Topper Giveaway / The Sweet Escape

These would also work really well on a group of cupcakes too. Hooray!
Oh Happy Day Paper Cake Topper Giveaway / The Sweet Escape

You may remember seeing these beauties the first time around when I originally made them for the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge. Well I’m still hooked on my Cricut and love coming up with new designs. Flower banner cake topper by The Sweet Escape #wedding #party #shower #brideIf you want to see one of these guys on your next cake, here’s how to enter for your chance to win one:

Cake Topper Giveaway

6 responses to “BIRTHDAY WEEK: cake topper giveaway!”

  1. Any ice cream cake is a good cake… and any carrot cake always looks better than it actually tastes IMHO.

  2. The bestest bday cake I have ever had is this one from Costco … I love their extra large black forest cake! The worst bday cake I have ever, ever had was this cake from my friend’s place .. it tasted like blue cheese! Ewww!

  3. The best birthday cake I have had is the one I had gotten from my husband. :)