Before & After: Custom Art Wall in the Bedroom

Bedroom Makeover with Type Wall Art

I’m finally getting around to sharing part of this awesome makeover I did with one of my BFF’s. Last Summer my pal Emily from Cheerfully Made Goods & Markets moved into a big new (to them) house and she didn’t waste any time getting down to decorating business. That’s where I came in. Also, she wanted my help because really this was going to be my bedroom when I came to visit.

We gave the whole dated room an overhaul but the main feature was really creating this custom wall art over the bed and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today. Stay tuned though for more details on the whole entire room makeover.

So here’s what the wall looked like before. It was pretty much a blank (and boring) canvas.


First, without giving away the whole room makeover I should say that the main inspiration came from this popular Hygge & West wallpaper, which happens to be available in Emily’s Shop if you’re in the Ottawa area. It was the starting point and where the colour palette came from. Isn’t it great? A really huge NOTE here – don’t ever wallpaper your ceiling with your significant other or you might as well change the name of the wallpaper design to Divorce. More on that later.

hygge & west daydream bird wallpaper in blue

So after the horrendous job of wallpapering the ceiling we were surprisingly still friends and got to the fun part. Here’s what it looked like after. What a difference!

Bedroom Makeover with Type Wall Art

The best part of this huge transformation is that it was really inexpensive. For real! The frames all came from the thrift shop for a steal. You don’t believe me? Here’s what we dragged back from the thrift shop for like zero dollars. Hello, 80/90’s flashback anyone?

Repurposed old frames for new custom wall art

Once we had our selection we created the artwork to fit those specifics sizes in colours that matched the wallpaper. Funny enough they are the hottest colours this year according to Pantone. You can go ahead and say that we’re ahead of the game. Then we got it all printed online using poster option. If you’re unsure what kind of wallpaper you want for your room, you might want to check out the designs over on simple shapes wallpapers to see if any catch your eye.

Bedroom Makeover with Type Wall Art

Now to be fair, I am a graphic designer so Em was lucky. I’m pretty sure it’s partly the reason we’re still even friends. We have a different kind of friends with benefits thing going on. I used Adobe Illustrator plus some fun fonts from Creative Market to create these pieces of type art. 

Here’s the final collection of art which was inspired by sleep. duh.

Custom Type Wall Art by The Sweet Escape Custom Type Wall Art by The Sweet Escape Custom Type Wall Art by The Sweet Escape Custom heart wall art by The Sweet Escape Custom Type Wall Art by The Sweet EscapeThe last one was heavily “inspired” by this Kate Spade piece but since it’s just living in a private guest bedroom in Almonte, Ontario I don’t think they’ll mind. If you’re in love with any of the other pieces they are designed by yours truly and I’m thinking of putting them in my Etsy shop as custom digital files in any colour or size you like. What do you think?

Thanks to this big project was super affordable. I’m telling you that their poster prices are extremely good and they almost always have a promotion going so it’s usually even more affordable. The trick with using is that there are set sizes. To work around this it meant that I had to design and print larger then cut down the print to fit the frame. It was a bit of work but well worth it for the cost savings. If you’re not on a tight budget and much rather have the convenience then getting them printed at a print shop in your custom size is the way to go. There are places online where you can obtain more details about mounting your photo and your wall art.


Overall I would say this project was a big success. The whole room looks great (coming soon) but this wall really is the star of the show if I do say so myself. I don’t know how anyone can actually sleep when there’s so many pretty things to look at!

Room Photography by Sarah Evans


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