The Sweet Escape turns Three! – Lemon Lime Cake Recipe

Sweet Escape turns 3: Strawberry Limeaid birthday cake recipe

Sweet Escape turns 3: Strawberry Limeaid birthday cake recipe

Here I am writing this post sitting on the pretty pink sofa in my very own studio thinking about what it means that this little blog is turning 3 years old. As if. Time to celebrate with some lemon lime cake!

So I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to think about this blog turning 3. I live so much in the present that I’ve never been great at either looking back and reflecting or looking forward and setting goals. Something to work on! I’m proud that I’ve been committed to staying inspired and sharing those thoughts with you for 3 years, which is no easy task and thanks more than a million for reading along! I’ve watched the quality of my content grow as I’ve learned so many new skills and just become better at what I do. I’ve watched my social media audience grow which is humbling because you never think you’re all that interesting but boy do I love Instagram


The blogging world has/is changing a lot and I’m trying to figure out where me and this blog fit in. I will tell you that I have an idea brewing and decisions need to be made FAST so you’re probably going to see some changes around here real soon. All good changes! The blog will still be around but it will be one piece of a bigger…let’s say…cake :)  If there’s elements about this blog that you really love or wish you saw more of, please share in the comments below. It would be super helpful to know that kind of info. 

All ’round things are looking pretty damn good for this 3 year old so it’s worth celebrating. As they say, an event without cake is just a meeting so let’s make it a party with this Pink Lemon Lime Cake!


I saw this recipe and just fell in love with the color combo. If you’re in the mood to channel Julia or Martha then go ahead and find the recipe from scratch over here. If you’re more of a baking hack and want to make it much easier but equally as delicious, then follow my big-time cheater’s recipe below. 


This recipe actually made 4 layers of cake but I didn’t have quite enough icing so I only used 3 but I’m hoping the 3rd jar of icing in the recipe will make up for that. You could always grab an extra one to be safe. There’s nothing worse then running out of icing when you’re making a cake plus those things have a long shelf life so you can always keep it tucked away for a day when you need emergency cupcakes. You know those days….

[yumprint-recipe id=’8′]There’s no calories or sugar on your birthday so don’t worry at all about the hack ingredient list. All that matters is that you and your party guests will all be smiling when you’re done. 

Pink-lemon-limeade-birthday-cake-12 Pink-lemon-limeade-birthday-cake-13

And how damn cute is that cake topper? I made it with these honeycomb gift toppers I found at Ikea then strung them between two kabob skewers. Super easy, super adorable. 



Part of me can’t believe it’s only been 3 years since I started this blog because sooooo much has happened during that time but at the same time I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that I took the leap and got started. Time really messes with you that way. 

Pink-lemon-limeade-birthday-cake-9 Pink-lemon-limeade-birthday-cake-10

Thanks again for stopping by this little spot on the world wide web. I hope that it’s provided you a with a little sweet escape on days when you’re just not in the mood to deal with whatever or some inspiration to get in touch with your creative side. Also, thanks to all the wonderful brand partners and press I’ve had over the last 3 years. It’s been a learning experience for sure but there’s been so many great partnerships that have produced super fun projects and events and they’re a big part of the reason that I can keep the blog going and pumping out content. Cute, creative projects don’t pay for themselves you know. 

I would love to hear what some of your fav projects, recipes and stories from the past are. Then let’s eat more cake! 

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