Project Sweet Escape Patio: patio makeover reveal

Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeOk guys, the patio is officially open for business. The weather took it’s sweet time cooperating and my work schedule got a bit nuts there but the skies and my calendar have cleared and now it’s time for some rooftop chill time. Yesssss. Just to refresh your memory – I live in a condo downtown Toronto and last year in the name of a HUGE roof repair all the rooftop patios had to be demolished. I went all last summer totally patio-less. I know, very sad. The good news is that I have a brand new patio, a clean slate in the sky to decorate. Anyways, here’s what it looks like now!

Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeI’ll be honest, it’s a big space, bigger than some people’s living space here in the city. I’m going to guess it’s about 500 sq/ft. The goal is to make it feel like an outdoor living space. Emphasis on the “living” part. For years there was just a crappy outdoor table set and a BBQ and I didn’t spend that much time up there. It wasn’t until I treated it with the same thought and care as my indoor space that I grew to love spending time up there. Like my indoor open space, I’ve divided the area into zones – the dining zone, seating zone and the resting zone.

I’ll start with the part that I’m MOST excited about. The resting zone, a.k.a the hammock! Yes, I know, it’s the second hammock I own. I just couldn’t resist. This Wood Canon Patio Hammock from Home Depot Canada is gorgeous and makes for the perfect place for a mid-afternoon nap or after work chill out zone. It’s strategically placed to have the best view of the sunset. Yup, this will be my little piece of heaven this summer. 

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape #hammockI love the solid wood frame. It adds some great architectural interest to the space and much more attractive than those metal hammock frames don’t you think? Don’t let this photo fool you. This piece is very large! Make sure you measure your space first if you’re thinking of getting this hammock.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape #hammockTo add even more of a Boho vibe to this zone I made this extra large DIY wall hanging. I purposely chose natural cotton for the hammock and the wall hanging because that’s pretty much all that can stand up to the all-day sun up there. As much as I love colour, it would’ve faded so quickly. Stay tuned for a DIY tutorial on this wall hanging. It’s not as tough as you think, promise.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape #hammockPatio Makeover by The Sweet Escape #hammockNext up is the seating zone. This is relatively the same set up I had before but I added this great rug from Home Depot Canada (similar here) for a modern graphic element and then created a plant feature wall. The new fence was just shouting at me to become a feature wall with those horizontal lines that are great for hanging.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeThe seating zone is where I may be catching up on some work with my laptop during the day or where, more likely, drinks are being had, snacks are being eaten and lots of socializing is happening in the evening. The sectional offers a good amount of seating and because it’s open to the dining area (below) it makes it easy to communicate and commute between the two.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapePatio Makeover by The Sweet Escape What I love most about the plant wall is that it’s moveable so whenever I get bored I can just move things around for a totally different look. Fun fact (ok, more like desperate times call for DIY measures) but I couldn’t find any hanging pots I liked, so I made them! Stay tuned for the full tutorial but it was just a matter of some hooks and a little drill action to create my own custom hanging pots. DIY to the rescue…again.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeThis chair was a hand-me down from a friend years ago and every summer it gets a million-dollar makeover for the price of an $8 can of spray paint.

Lastly is the dining zone. This is basically the whole other half of the patio. It includes my new Brayden Studio Trosclair 7 piece dining set from that I’m in love with! There were 3 things I was looking for when shopping for an outdoor dining set – a long & sturdy table, a modern look and stackable chairs. Check, check and check. I love how the modern teak slats echo the same design as the railing all around the patio. And the 100% stainless steal table base and chair frames is as sturdy as they come. The maintenance of wood furniture is definitely a bit more of a commitment but this set will last much longer than my last one…..and let’s be honest, it looks great! We have also been looking at the possibility of getting outdoor club chairs too, but there would be a little bit of work to do beforehand. My friend recently got a similar set that looks amazing.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeThe botanical chart wall hanging was one of those things that I fell in love with and bought before knowing where I would actually put it. Wouldn’t you know it, it looks absolutely perfect up here on the patio. Adding art really gives this area the feeling of a dining “room” not mention adding a whole bunch of colour and a great conversation piece. Thankfully it’s on the side of the patio that gets shade to protect it from the sun. It’s a bit of a test, if I see it get worn & torn too quickly it may only come out only when there’s dinner guests or be replaced with something more weather proof.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape After the hammock I think what I’m most excited about is my new BBQ! This little corner is like the “kitchen” of the patio. For the first time ever, I have a really great BBQ. I can NOT wait to get grilling on this Weber Spirit® E-310 3 Burner Propane BBQ from Home Depot Canada. After a whole summer without access to a grill I can’t wait to try some old favourites as well as some new delicious recipes. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below! I feel like it’s a milestone of adulthood to have a good BBQ (#adulting).

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeI also picked up a patio storage and prep station to help keep me organize and save a few trips up and down the stairs to the kitchen. You have no idea how handy this little storage area is.

Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape This zone also is home to my own little rooftop urban vegetable garden. Stay tuned for a post all about my attempt at finally growing something edible up here this year. Fingers crossed that some of my Italian farming genes are in me somewhere and I’ll be able to make a delicious caprese salad from my own “garden” by the end of the summer.

Well that’s the tour of my new rooftop patio! It really does feel like an outdoor living space and not just a fenced in wood box in the sky. I can’t wait to spend as much time up there as possible this summer!

Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapePatio Makeover by The Sweet Escape Patio Makeover by The Sweet Escape Patio Makeover by The Sweet EscapeIf you’re loving this look or maybe see a few ideas you would like to steal, go for it! Here’s how to get the look:

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Home Depot Canada and All the design ideas, concepts, product selection and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. A gorgeous patio Melissa! You’ve realized maximized functionality with the different zones. Love the hammock!