Outdoor DIY Boho Wall Hanging

DIY Outdoor Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet Escape

DIY Outdoor Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet EscapeMan oh man, this summer is flying by! For real. I can’t believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was racing to get my patio makeover done for June 1 and now it’s mid-July. Sorry for the delay in getting you this tutorial but I’ve been extremely busy cottaging, patio hopping and tending to my plant wall and urban garden (which has gone nuts btw). But as promised, today I’m sharing the tutorial for this DIY boho wall hanging that’s part of my patio decor.

As I mentioned in my patio post, I wanted to treat this space like I would any indoor space and that included having some wall art. Of course, that meant that it had to be something that could withstand the elements up there on that sunny (and sometimes rainy) rooftop patio. I decided to create a macrame-style DIY boho wall hanging in an XL size to add even more zen to my hammock corner.

DIY Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet Escape #outdoordecor #outdoorlivingI chose to use natural cotton string because not only does it go with the hammock but fading from the sun is a non-issue. Plus I had a ton of string left over from the macrame planter workshop I hosted awhile back. You can adjust your materials depending on what size you want to make this piece.

Here’s what you need for this project:

• large hula hoop
• dowel in desired length
• LOTS of cotton cord*
• copper pieces (optional)
• glue gun & glue
• hammer & nails (shorter than width of dowel)

* I’m sorry I can’t give you a finite length of cord. Because I used so many scrap pieces it’s hard to say. I would buy 8-10 of these or it may be more economical to buy a huge spool – which is what I’ll definitely be doing if I create any more macrame pieces in the future.

STEP 1: Cut the hoola hoop into 3 pieces. Make the largest one using half of the hoop then the other two proportionately smaller out of the other half.

STEP 2: Spray paint the hoops white just so you won’t see any colour between the cord. (don’t mind my terrible spray paint job. I was too impatient to wait for it to dry before touching it. It makes no difference to the outcome)

STEP 3: Wrap the cotton cord around each hoola hoop piece making sure they’re as close as possible to avoid seeing the hoop underneath. Apply some hot glue approx. every 5″ to help keep it in place.

STEP 4: Nail the ends of the cord wrapped hoops to the dowel, spaced out evenly.

Use the glue gun to wrap some extra cotton cord around each joint to hide the nails.

STEP 5: Using a very simple “knot” to add hanging cord to each level, getting wider as you go down.

STEP 6: Add optional pieces of copper for decor using a knot below to keep in place.

DIY Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet Escape #outdoordecor #outdoorlivingThen just use a piece of string tied to each end of the dowel as a hanger and you’ve got yourself one big cool outdoor DIY boho wall hanging!

DIY Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet Escape #outdoordecor #outdoorliving DIY Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet Escape #outdoordecor #outdoorlivingDIY Boho Wall Hanging by The Sweet Escape #outdoordecor #outdoorliving Of course you can make this piece any size you like and it would look just as great indoors as it does out. You can even have some fun with colour and adding more flare if it’s going to live indoors since fading from the sun and the weather won’t be an issue.

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