Cheerstream makeover: design plan

Giving a 1980 vintage Airstream a makeover, one cheer at a time.

I’m not a huge bucket list type person, I rather go with the flow and see what comes my way, but there are a few things that live somewhere at the back of my mind that keep popping up. One of those things is getting my hands on a vintage Airstream trailer and giving it an overhaul. I’ve spent a long time Googling “airstream for sale near me” trying to find the perfect trailer. And now, thanks to my very good friend, Emily, that wish has come true and we’re about to give an old 1980 Airstream cheerful makeover and transform it into the Cheerstream™. (not really trademarked but so much more legit, don’t you think?)

Just for a little background – Emily and I go wayyyyyyy back to first year of College where two creative, kindered (and hilarious) spirits came together and have been friends ever since. Fast forward through years of fun experiences, belly laughs, creative projects and pie in the sky brainstorming and Emily managed to manifest getting her hands on a vintage Airstream for practically nothing (as if!). She asked me if I wanted to work together to transform it, giving me mucho creative freedom as the designer of the space. Yes please!

It took us a little while to come up with the vision, the cash money and a few lovely sponsors to help out but now we’re rolling and would love to share our design plan with you. Although Em and I are working together on this she’s sorta like my client when it comes to the design. But as far as clients go, she’s (mostly) a dream. The main objective of the Cheerstream is to be an outdoor living space for her family & friends as well as a cottage on wheels a few times a year. There is also potential for it to be an Air B’nB rental in the charming town of Almonte, Ontario where Emily is basically the unofficial mayor.

Her direction was simple (the best kind!) – she wanted it to be cheerful and use the colour yellow to go with her already established Cheerfully Made brand which consists of an adorbs shop in town and a long running craft market run by Emily. After that it was up to me.

It’s been a year since this project came up and the plan has already changed once plus as we’re currently in the act of demo’ing and rebuilding the space, we’ve had to make a bunch of improv changes already. So it will be interesting to see how close to this plan the finished space will look like by the time all the work and on-the-spot decisions are made.

But you can’t talk about the future without knowing where you come from right?! So here’s a peak of what the Airstream looked like when we took possession:

She’s a beauty huh? Well she was gutted. Pretty much everything you see above with the exception of the bathroom is gonezo. We have a blank slate to work with. A blank slate with 40 year old grime and yellowing walls.

It is important for us to have new installations in our Airstream so that we can have a fresh interior and make it a bit more modern and comfortable. Our friends have already recommended plumbing, electrics, and repair services like so that we are equipped and prepared for this remodel! We want to get it done as quickly as possible so that we can start having all the adventures we’ve planned in style.

Here’s how we’re planning to add some major cheer to the place.

KITCHEN: Aurara Blush & Goldenrod wallpaper from Spoonflower (sponsored), Delta Canada Trinsic Pull Down Kitchen Faucet (sponsored), Kitchen sink, Peel and Stick backsplash, Lighting

LOUNGE: Spoonflower pillows (sponsored), Sectional Sleeper Sofa, Coffee Table

BATHROOM: Delta Canada Lahara Bathroom Faucet (sponsored), Delta Canada Premium Shower Head and Mount (sponsored), Swimmers Wallpaper by Spoonflower (Sponsored), Blue Penny Tile

BEDROOM: Spoonflower Rhapsody Beige & Teal Wallpaper (sponsored), Wall Sconce

That’s the plan! What do you think? You can follow along on our progress over on Instagram by following either Emily at Cheerfully Made or myself at SweetEscapeCreative or search #cheerstreammakeover and see it all unfold.


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