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By far my favourite part of having a cottage is the fresh blank canvas to decorate. Let’s be honest, that’s what got me through all the hard work of fixing it up. This girl just wants to decorate, you know what what I mean? Being that it is a seasonal cottage and a short term rental on Air BnB there were a few things I needed to consider.

Mostly I wanted to have fun with decor and art because it’s a seasonal getaway and the perfect opportunity to be a bit more playful since you don’t live in the space all the time. Being that it’s also a business (let’s be honest, it is) I wanted it to show well to attract attention on social media. And obviously because it will be used by many renters, it had to be budget friendly and nothing too precious..because well sh!t happens right?

Society6 to the rescue! I’ve been a big fan (and artist) of Society6 for years. If you have hours to kill and ready to deep dive into a rabbit hole of art & design, this is the place. It’s a site full of artist submitted design that can be applied to so many different mediums from prints to home decor to apparel, and more. What I love is that the artist gets a portion of the sale so you’re also supporting a small biz even though you have the convenience and resources of a large business.

The Sweet Escape Muskoka cottage is full of Society 6 pieces that I thought I would share with you along with so many others that caught my attention but I just didn’t have room for. Oh and another great thing I love about Society6? They have so many great sales & promos so don’t hesitate to fill up that wish list and then cash out when your favourites are on sale. That’s what I do!

My favourite Society6 piece in the cottage is this large Cockatoo print. I fell in love right away and bought this piece before I really even had a design plan for the space. I have a thing for birds and just look at that face! Don’t you love that he always looks like he’s smiling? He’s the perfect guest and the perfect pop of soft pink for the space.

Buy Pink Cockatoo by Sisi and Seb on Society6

Coming in close behind is this amazing wall mural in the washroom. This was a super uninspiring space and adding this mural and some new gold accents made it into a show stopper.

Buy Floria Wall Mural by Gale Switzer on Society6

What’s so great about Society6 pieces being so affordable is that you can change things up often guilt-free! I admit that I bought more pieces than I actually have walls for at the cottage but as I’m pulling the space together I’ve already tried a few different options and changed things up a bit. It’s fun!

This bedroom started off with this wall hanging – which I loved but decided to find it a new home in the living area (no photo yet). The wall hangings are really great if you have a large space to fill on a tight budget. I used a curtain rod and clips to hang it, super easy!

Buy Modern Abstract Art 71 Wall Tapestry by Citi Art on Society6

After moving the wall hanging to the living area, I replaced it with these 2 great abstract botanical prints. I thought they went well with the tropical vibe (thanks to the bird light!) and I loved the colour palette. I framed these myself because it just makes the whole cross-border shipping process easier but all of the art prints on Society6 are available framed as well which can make life way easier.

Buy Modernist Abstract (left) or Solo Fan Palm (right) by Modern Tropical from Society6

Moving into the dining area, admittedly this space is a bit of a work in progress. I have plans to add some plants to this wall but until that happens I needed something to fill the space and went with this woven wall hanging that works well with the colour palette and geo theme of the cottage. I can easily roll it up and store it away once I do my plant wall.

Buy Abstract Geometric 10 wall hanging by The Old Art Studio on Society6

So that’s what made it on the walls of the Sweet Escape Muskoka cottage…so far! As I said, there were more that I have stored away for a rainy day decor change but there were also many, many, many more designs from my wish list that just didn’t either work with the current vibe or that I don’t have space for and couldn’t justify hoarding.

But here’s a taste of what my Society6 wish list looks like. There’s definitely a bit of a summer theme happening because of the cottage. Maybe you will be inspired to bring one of these beauties into your space or find something else that you love!

Shopping links are below each image and don’t forget to scroll down on the shop page and see all the different mediums that the design is available on.

Baloon Wall Tapestry
by Flow Line 
Abstraction_SUN_LINE_ART_Minimalism_002 Framed Art Print
by forgetme 
Choose you Framed Art Print
by Maggie Stephenson 
You Loved me a Thousand Summers ago Art Print
by Frank Moth
Life’s A Beach Art Print
by Rachel Szo 
one last swim Canvas Print
by Urban Wild Studio Supply 
Pool Days Art Print
by Cassia Beck 
Texting #painting #illustration Art Print
by 83 Oranges® Art Shop 
Room Wire Art Print
by Flow Line 
Summer fruits Art Print Art Print
by anyeva 
Sunny Summer Hammock Art Print
by Briana Lang 
Sweater Struggles Framed Art Print
by Bec Flattley 
TERRARIUM Canvas Print
by Beth Hoeckel  
The Unexpected Framed Art Print
by Frank Moth 
Tropical Girl Art Print
by ThingDesign
Wildflower Bouquet on Charcoal Wall Tapestry
by Shealeen Louise 

Happy shopping!

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    • Thanks! I don’t have any video because all hands were It’s definitely a 2 person, 4 hand job. We applied it horizontally which was a bit more work because of gravity. If you hang it vertically (like it’s meant for) I think you can do it on your own. It’s peel and stick and fairly forgiving if you need to reposition.

  1. My bedroom walls are painted a minty green (maybe a little paler than mint) and my theme is like, black and white with a hint of green. I have been trying to find a painting to hang on the main wall, I am looking for something black and white, but it can also have some green. I was thinking about one of the paintings that come on multiple boards but create one big picture. Does anyone know a website or store that has some great art? I don’t want to spend any more than 60$ or so.