MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: when it’s ok to quit

Monday is like a mini fresh start every week. You get a chance to start the week off right, a little more refreshed, maybe on a new health kick, clean laundry and fridge full of food.

For me today is a super big fresh start. Last Friday was my last day as a full-time employee for the company I’ve worked for as a Graphic Designer & Art Director the past 6 years. It was my choice so it’s a good thing. Some people are happy and even desire comfort, familiarity, routine, processes, a solid chain of commands and stability….but that doesn’t happen to be me. I was getting a little too comfortable and for a creative person that’s trouble and leads to an itch to move on to something new.

I began looking for a new opportunity but the truth is that the jobs available didn’t really appeal to me. I found myself mindlessly applying for positions that I wasn’t that passionate about. I realized that I was spending more time working on my blog than I was applying for jobs. I thought that was a pretty good sign of where my passion was so I decided to start taking this little personal blog of mine more seriously in March and the momentum has only grown since.

The Alt Design Summit in San Fran was the perfect kick-start to this new life change. It validated what I was already feeling and gave me the inspiration to follow my gut. Many people have referred to what I’m doing as brave and/or crazy. It’s funny because it definitely took me awhile to make the decision but once it was made, there was no fear, only excitement. All I could think about was the sick feeling of regret I would have if I didn’t do it. For me regret trumps fear any time.

There are lots of reasons to quit your job. You might be bored. Fed up. Feel like you’re at a dead-end. You might feel like your bosses aren’t even looking into improving employee morale and job satisfaction. Or maybe you just want a change of career. Either way, leaving your job because you don’t feel like you fit in is completely fine! If you’ve also noticed since being there that the Employee Turnover Rate is high, (you’ve seen more people leave than stay) it might have been the wiser choice to leave and get into something that sets that fire off inside you again. I was all of the above so I finally took the leap of faith and quit my job so I can put the energy & time I really desire into the blog and hope that creative opportunity will follow. So here I am! I’m definitely not a planner or goal-setter, but first on the list is “make a plan” followed by “set some goals”. I love this quote because not having a plan does make me a bit anxious, it also excites me.

Who wouldn’t be anxious to start a new chapter in their lives? When most people enter the world of work, they aim to only have one or two jobs in their lifetime, but not me. I don’t find the excitement in this. I like new adventures, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t feel any more anxious than I do now. My friend told me to consider looking at companies similar to Blessed CBD, (one of the UK’s top brands), to see if I can find a cannabis product that can help to take the edge off these emotions, so I have the chance to really take in my blog and everything that comes with it. I’ll have a think about it, but I just hope my anxiousness turns into excitement soon, as I am pursuing my passion after all. If it doesn’t help reduce my anxiety, I might have to look into other ways to reduce it. I’ve heard some people say that smoking marijuana can be beneficial. Apparently, using a bubbler pipe to smoke marijuana can offer relaxational benefits. Perhaps I’ll have to read more about bubbler pipes soon, maybe that could ease some of this anxiousness I’m experiencing.

I highly recommend picking up the book The Dip by Seth Godin (thanks for the reco Kate!) if you’re questioning your current job situation. It’s a crazy fast read (two lunch hours) and the way that I describe it to my friends is that the book is a big smack in the head. The main idea is to forget the advice that quitting is bad and change your mind to think that quitting could be great, even the smartest thing you’ll ever do. Whenever I have a moment of weakness I just keep this in mind.

(source)So is that a big enough dose of motivation for a Monday!? I want to thank everyone who has been a support in this decision so far and bare with me while I try and find my path because I’m sure there will be some mistakes, but that’s how we all get better & stronger. I hope this blog can bring you some inspiration or just a well-deserved break in your day & I encourage you to share anything you see that you love :)

4 responses to “MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: when it’s ok to quit”

  1. This is amazing Melissa! I am working towards quitting my full time job to pursue my passion of photography. Beautifully written & it totally hits home as I can completely relate to some of the experiences (applying to jobs you’re not interested in).