{SPACES: velvet crush}

velvet sofa roundup

I have a major crush. But it’s not a secret, I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen. I’m in love with velvet. Big time. I feel like I’ve been searching for my perfect sofa for oh…my whole life. I know dramatic. I’ve also changed my mind about a million times which is probably part of the problem. If you recall I had the good fortune to have this lovely pink velvet beauty arrive in my life a short time ago. I’m still trying to figure out how it will work in my space. I turned to the interweb to guide me.

Keep reading to see all the beautiful velvet sofa inspiration I found.

There’s just something so bold, rich and luxurious about a velvet sofa. It definitely is a statement piece in a room. They all look so delicious I want to take a big bite out of them. Ok I’ll stop.

velvet sofa3 velvet sofa4 velvet sofa5 velvet sofa6 velvet sofa7 velvet sofa8 velvet sofa9 velvet sofa10

 (hmmm, not sure what happened to 1 & 2)
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2 responses to “{SPACES: velvet crush}”

  1. Oh so droolworthy… Love the selection of images pulled! Thanks for a great entry Melissa & I am glad we are on trend at HomeSense, we have velvet everywhere!!!