DIY: 5 thrift shop halloween costume ideas

DIY Thift Shop Halloween Costumes - female bank robber / The Sweet Escape

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian friends and readers! Today many of us are gathered around the table filling our bellies and being thankful. Or we’re on the couch recovering from a turkey hangover. While we’re celebrating one holiday, I admit that my mind is on my most favourite holiday that’s just around the corner…halloween! I never grew out of the idea of getting dressed up and getting to play another character for a night. And the bag full of candy was a pretty sweet deal too. If only I wouldn’t get the stink eye doing it now, I would be out there with my pillowcase ready to cash in.

I think part of the reason I love this holiday so much is the creative factor in pulling together a costume. Sure, you could go out and buy something already put together, there’s so many more options now then there was before but where’s the fun in that? Halloween + thrift stores = a few of my favourite things. Last year I made a mermaid costume all from pieces I found at Value Village (aka Savers for my American friends) which was a big hit. But if you’re not the DIY type, I also showed you a bunch of easy costumes you could pull together with thrift store pieces. Here’s some more great thrift store halloween costume ideas for this year.
DIY Thift Shop Halloween Costumes - 50's girl / The Sweet Escape


DIY Thift Shop Halloween Costumes - female bank robber / The Sweet Escape


DIY Thift Shop Halloween Costumes - fortune teller / The Sweet Escape


DIY Thift Shop Halloween Costumes - Marge Simpson / The Sweet Escape


DIY Thift Shop Halloween Costumes - Sally Jesse Raphael / The Sweet EscapeAs usual, there’s a reference to the 80’s & 90’s for us that grew up during those questionable decades. And hopefully you don’t look like a man in that red haired Sally Jesse wig!

Do you have a costume in mind already for this year? I would love to hear what costume ideas you would add to this list or some of your favourite halloween stories.


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11 responses to “DIY: 5 thrift shop halloween costume ideas”

  1. Love the Sally Jesse… I’m trying to find something “pinup” – was close at a goodwill the other day but it wasn’t in my size. I’m hoping thift stores will still come through for me this year.

    • fun! Just be a bit open minded when you’re looking and I bet you’ll find something!

    • Thanks Briton. Actually I wanted to title the post “5 non-slutty halloween costumes you can pull together at the thrift store” but I held back..haha.

  2. Hi! I was wondering what you used for the crystal ball in the fortune teller costume? Thanks!

    • Hi Madeline – I haven’t actually made the costume myself, it’s just an idea I dreamed up but I often see old globe light fixtures/covers at the thrift shop that I’m sure with a little creativity would make for a great crystal ball :)