DIY: yarn mini christmas trees


DIY Yarn bottle brush style christmas trees / The Sweet EscapeHappy Friday friends! Are you in the mood to make an adorable holiday project? You are? Good! Because today I’m going to share my spin on the trendy and adorable bottle brush christmas tree. I’ll be honest, I tried to make the bottle brush trees before and didn’t have much luck but I thought I would try with yarn after seeing this tutorial from my blogger pal Virginia on Fynes Designs. The yarn just seems a bit more user friendly and you skip the messy dying part.

DIY Yarn bottle brush style christmas trees / The Sweet Escape

I found these beautiful brass skinny candle stick holders at Goodwill and this is the perfect time to use them, along with the trees and some birch bases from last year’s holiday centrepiece to make a new centrepiece for this year’s dining table.  Head over to Fynes Design to see the full tutorial – you’ll need some yarn, wire, wood or cork bases and pliers & scissors to make it happen.

DIY Yarn bottle brush style christmas trees / The Sweet Escape

Once you’ve actually made the trees comes the best part, trimming them! They’ll look pretty raggedy at first but don’t worry, they’ll look better once you give them a haircut. Call me crazy or a wannabe hairstylist but I really enjoyed trimming the yarn to reveal the cute little tree under that mess. I didn’t have any cork so I just cut up some wood I had laying around and spray painted it gold. You could also use playdough or clay for the base if you’re not into tools.


Before you know it you’ll have a colourful forest. I just love playing with colour combos. If you’re totally cray cray you can even play with multiple colours in one tree.

DIY Yarn bottle brush style christmas trees / The Sweet Escape

Then set up your elements to create your centrepiece. There’s no real  ‘how to’ to creating this look but a good tip is to play with heights to create a great balance.


Oh and shocking, my centrepiece matches my upcyled dining chair perfectly. Can you say predictable when it comes to colours? I didn’t even have to buy any of this yarn, I had it kicking around. Great place to buy hand dyed yarn is, that’s if you don’t have any to hand. I’m loving my fresh & modern centrepiece this year and along with my Holiday Cheers bar sign, I’m ready to party!yarn-xmas-trees-2

These trees will look great as decor anywhere in your house. I can picture a fire mantle FULL of them. The more the merrier. 


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  1. They’re cute, but you never even mention how you actually make them. How did this end up on a diy site?