KITCHEN MAKEOVER: modern vintage kitchen reveal

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Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet EscapeCan you believe it!?! It’s finally done! The kitchen project that I dreamed up almost a year ago has come to life. I can’t tell you how freak’n happy I am with the results. Can you say holy dramatic change? This kitchen went from blah to one happy looking cool kitchen. As you know from all the updates I’ve posted that it was a multiple step process and I did many of the projects myself. Of course, I wish I could’ve waved a magic wand or wiggled my nose and have it magically all done but that’s not how things work in real life but now it’s finally done. Here’s a peek at the final kitchen!

Before & After Kitchen Makeover: How to make opening shelving / The Sweet Escape

Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet EscapeI love the whole space but the open shelving is my favourite element. It breaks up the wall of cupboards and infuses some major character with some of my vintage finds. The funny thing is that the hanging tea cups (which I LOVE) are actually a result of turning a negative into a positive. Originally I was suppose to have 3 shelves but once I sourced the wood, which was thicker than I expected, I realized that I would have to lose one shelf. I was bummed to lose the display space and it also left an awkward space between the top & bottom shelf. That’s when I came up with the hanging tea cup idea. In the end I love it even more than the original plan. Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet Escape

Something that’s new since my last update is the last-minute decision to splurge on some new appliances.  It was supposed to be more of a down the road investment but thanks to my friends at Leon’s furniture I couldn’t resist updating the fridge and stove with these slick new beauties from the Whirlpool Black Ice collection. I love the front control stove because it creates a clean line and shows off more of that fab backsplash.

Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet EscapeModern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet Escape

The gold Wayfair faucet & black Kraus granite sink has been the biggest conversation piece. Apparently the faucet makes me a ‘baller’. Yeah, that’s how I roll. It took an insanely long time to find a gold faucet that would fit under this counter. Watch them be the next big thing and available everywhere this time next year. Just remember where you saw it first people. I loved the idea of having a black sink but wasn’t sure how the day-to-day use would hold up but I’m happy to say that it’s pretty easy maintenance and I love how deep it is.

Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet Escape

Of course after all that hard work, I was most excited about styling the space. There’s lots of small vintage touches sprinkled around.

Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet Escape

modern vintage kitchen makeover 17

Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet Escape

You can see how I put together this cheerful table top mini-garden over here.

Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet EscapeThe finishing touches really make a space complete don’t you think? I would love to hear what your fave elements of the new kitchen are in the comments below. Are there elements that you never thought to use in a kitchen that you’re kinda loving?
Modern Vintage Kitchen Makeover Before & After / The Sweet Escape

Itching to get your hands on some of the elements? Here’s the resource list:

Gold Pendant light fixtures, Wayfair, $111.99
Hardware in Pearl Gold, D.Lawless Hardware, $2.45 each
Cupboards spray painted by Paint it Like New with Sherwin Williams colors Cooled Blue and Tricorn Black
Black granite undermount double sink by Kraus, available at Home Depot Canada, $359.99
Novecento White Hexigon Mosiac Marble Tile, available at Home Depot Canada, $16.77/sq-ft
Modern single leaver faucet in polished gold, Wayfair, $381.22
NUMERAR wood countertop in beech, IKEA Canada, $249 (96″)
Whirlpool Black Ice front control stove, Leon’s Furniture, $1449.99
Whirlpool Black Ice french door style fridge, Leon’s Furniture, $1499
Granite countertop in Absolute Black

14 responses to “KITCHEN MAKEOVER: modern vintage kitchen reveal”

  1. Wait a second…is that an oven with a clear front door? Very cool.
    I LOVE your faucet! I think it just might be my favourite element in your space…although I do love the backsplash and I think the black is really striking. High five!!!

  2. I actually first saw this kitchen reno through your segment on House & Home’s online t.v.. You are incredibly talented with a distinctive style that I love. Looking forward to ‘Escaping’ to your site more often!

  3. I found this kitchen transformation via Hometalk and loved it so much I just had to come read the full story. I am loving the cabinet color and modern touches. You have a great sense of style!

  4. LOVE your kitchen. We are thinking about doing butcher block countertops and really like the color you did on the island. Also where did you get the open shelves. Did you buy them somewhere or do you make them. Thanks!!

    • Hi Stormy – thanks so much! The island is from Ikea then I used Monocoat to stain and protect. You can search the blog for the post about the island. I made the open shelves myself :) there’s also a blog post on that if you search. good luck with your project!

  5. I just saw your kitchen on a House and Home video link — LOVE it all!! I don’t think I can convince my husband to go turquoise on the cabinetry, but it’s providing great kitchen island inspiration! Can I ask if you have measurements for the space? It looks like a very similar size to the space in our home to which we’re hoping to move the kitchen! Thanks!

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