Living room makeover new rug

In typical Melissa style, I’m taking my sweet (no pun intended) time making my living room makeover happen. This isn’t going to be as dramatic as my kitchen makeover, but more of a refresh with some new pieces and new art to shake things up.  I’m happy to say that things are happening with the delivery of my new rug from Loloi. I looooovvve it. I first discovered Loloi Rugs by following one of my decor favorites, Justina Blakeney. She’s featured their great rugs many times and she has amazing taste so checking them out was a no brainer. Sure enough I found one I loved.

First, here’s my old rug. There’s nothing wrong with it but I decided with a bold turquoise kitchen close by that I would tone down the color a bit.  I know this is so unlike me to tone down, but don’t worry I’ll make up for it in other colorful ways.

loloi-rug-before(By the way – this wool Pottery Barn rug is in excellent condition and for sale, email me if you’re interested)

And here is my new Loloi rug from their Adler Collection. It definitely has that Moroccan vibe but I like how it’s an irregular pattern and not too shaggy.

Living room makeover Loloi Adler rug

The grey lines are a different texture that creates a raised pattern which is interesting. Loloi has an award winning reputation for original design and quality so you know their 100% wool handcrafted pieces from India are a decor investment.

Living room makeover Loloi Adler rug

Isn’t she pretty? I feel like it’s my grown-up rug. After so many years with such a bold color anchoring the living room area it’s kinda refreshing to take a break with something more neutral but still interesting. You know what else made me feel more grown-up? Using an rug pad! Don’t underestimate the power of a good rug pad people. I was lucking enough to try this eco-friendly and affordable one from RugPadUSA and I’m really happy with it. Not only does it give you that extra cushion in your step but it also helps to extend the life of your rug.

loloi-rug-5Have I got you dreaming about a new rug yet? It’s a huge piece in your space and makes a big impact so take your time choosing something you really love. Here’s a full-size look at my Adler Collection rug and some more of my favorite Loloi rugs. Happy shopping!

Living room makeover Loloi Rug RoundupSHOP LOLOI RUGS:

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  1. a bit hard to shop when all the rus I looked at were back ordered or not in stock