Author: TheSweetEscape

  • {home sweet home}

    Usually a trailer or trailer park wouldn’t be at the top of people’s ideal living quarters lists but that may change when you see this creative and interesting living concept. There isn’t lots of background info on the project or where it’s located but I call it an innovative take on the condo concept. (source)

  • {say i do: prettiest wedding ever}

    I do go a little gaga over weddings sometimes but not in the way that I’ve been dreaming about it forever. I have a feeling that planning a wedding can be quite stressful. With that being said, I guess if you leave your partner to do some research into something like Prague stag do activities […]

  • {STYLE: bow ties for him}

    There’s something to be said for a man who wears bow ties.You may have come across this on other blogs but I had to share. Here’s a great new collection about to be put out by FORAGE. A pop-up store project run by the creative peeps from the Something’s Hiding in Here blog. And how […]

  • {SPACES: furniture lust}

    I’ve taken a break from thinking about travel, because frankly the planning is getting to me. If you know me, I’m not very good with planning in advance. I like to just make a decision & do it. This whole coordinating schedules with people rains on my parade. But I have come across some amazing […]

  • {fenced in}

    Wouldn’t the world be a prettier place if ordinary, ugly things like wire fences looked more like this? This is a product called Lace Fence by a company from the Netherlands. I thought this is a great description of what their product aims to do: “Lace Fence shows how something which was meant purely functional […]

  • {DIY: pom pom}

    This is a tiny bit dated, but damn I’ve been busy lately. Just over a month ago my dear (craft-challenged) friend Marie-Lou mentioned to me that she was going to buy these gorgeous tissue paper pom pom’s from Etsy for her sister’s baby shower that she was planning. I knew exactly which ones she was […]

  • {photography: around town}

    So I haven’t actually made much progress with the camera instructional manual but that hasn’t stopped me. Here are some new photos for those that don’t check my flickr account ever single day. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t. These were all taken in my neighbourhood. Come visit sometime!

  • {wannabe photographer}

    Something has come over me lately were I’m super interested in photography. Like actually taking pictures, not just admiring them. Believe it or not, it’s never really been a huge creative passion of mine up until now….I mean the taking pictures part. I’ve always taken pictures to preserve a memory, not really for arts sake. […]

  • {INSPIRATION: pictures & paper}

    I’ve always admired artists of all disciplines, particularly photographers and illustrators. As a designer I often keep them in mind when I’m thinking of ideas for a project…a great photo or illustration can give a piece a certain look or feel that isn’t possible with just graphics. And of course, they can work amazingly together […]