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  • STYLE: Party looks for Alt Summer

    This is the first you’ve heard from me about going to Alt Summit next week! I know, kinda crazy but I was lucky enough to win a ticket and had such a great time when I was there in January so I thought let’s do it! It’s the first summer edition of Alt so although […]

  • {GET THE LOOK: Mexico resort bound}

    Happy long weekend Friday everyone! So I haven’t really talked about it but I’ll be leaving for sunny Mexico this weekend for a week. Woot woot! One of my best friends is getting married and I can’t believe this trip that I booked 9 months ago is finally happening. It’s been quite some time since […]

  • STYLE: 12 stylish bike helmet friendly hairstyles

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that the weather is FINALLY turning here. After a lonnnnnggggg and tough winter, the birds are chirping and people are starting to come out of hibernation. Also coming out of hibernation is my motorbike, yay! Getting around on a bike is just so much more convenient in […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: vintage camera love

    If you stop by here or my Instagram regularly you know that I’m a vintage lover/hunter/obsessed/hoarder. Today I’m so happy to share with you a photo series I did with my talented photographer friend Maya Visnyei that showcases a small selection of one of my favourite vintage collections, my cameras. When it comes to collecting […]

  • STYLE: a perfect outfit for Easter brunch

    If you know me this may surprise you a bit but I was incredibly inspired by this beautiful natural palette. I know, I know. The colourholic is inspired by neutrals. There’s a first for everything. But I just fell in love with the subtle colours from this photograph of eggs. I especially love the pop […]

  • {STYLE: it’s going to be a kimono kind of season}

    So even though the weather hasn’t totally caught up, the fashion world is definitely in spring/summer mode. It’s kinda nice to walk through the mall and see all the seasonal fashion, even if we’re not quite ready just yet here in Toronto. What’s up with that Mother Nature? Cruel punishment I say. But on a […]

  • {INSPIRED BY: tattoos}

    I have a small tattoo even though I forget about it most of the time because it’s on my back. Yes, it’s very predictable. It’s a butterfly on my back. That’s what 18 year old girls do. But to be honest I do still like it. It’s pretty simple, just black outlines, no colour. I […]

  • STYLE DIY: how to make a dyed ombre tshirt scarf

    STYLE DIY: how to make a dyed ombre tshirt scarf

    Ok, so I’ll admit that this DIY project was inspired by St. Patrick’s day but by no means is it exclusive to the holiday. You can rock this scarf at any time. This project is for those of us who have ‘matured’ a bit over the years and don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day quite the […]

  • {BEAUTY TREND: Fab orange lips}

      Spring is a great time to refresh your look. It’s practically begging you to do something new & fresh. You can even find some discount codes for makeup online, so you won’t have to break the bank for your new look. There are always lots of different beauty trends floating around each season, but […]

  • {STYLE: high fashion polka dots}

    The polka dot is a classic, no question. It’s usually associated with being fun and cheerful but I love seeing the more high fashion side of them. Less innocent, more sexy and stylish. Here’s  some examples of polka dots playing peek-a-boo, it’s such a playful yet sexy combo. Don’t you think?   1 / 2 […]

  • SHOP LOCAL: a bungalow full of vintage style

    SHOP LOCAL: a bungalow full of vintage style

    I feel like I don’t talk about my vintage style obsession nearly enough on here. I guess it’s not every day that I feel like playing super model if you know what I mean.  If you know me, you know that my closet is FULL of vintage dresses. I live in the super awesome and […]

  • {STYLE: strappy wear for the ladies}

    How about starting your week off with a little shopping expedition? I’ve been so into this strappy back bra look. They just look so interesting, don’t you think? Ok, so us living in the cold northern tundra may not be wearing cute tanks and  backless tees to show these bras and our sexy backs off […]

  • DIY: make your own lip gloss & moisturizing balm

    DIY: make your own lip gloss & moisturizing balm

    If you live in a cold climate, then you know all about dry winter lips. Dry lips, dry skin, itchy sore patches… the list goes on. Ensuring you’re getting the right amount of vitamins throughout the winter is important so you’re not just hanging on to summer for months! My friend recommended that I use […]

  • {STYLE: gaga for ombre tights}

    What’s your favourite season for fashion? I bet lots of people love easy breezy summer and showing off their tans but I’ll admit, I kinda like to cover up. Not because I’m shy but because I really like wearing tights & leggings. They can be such a fashion statement! They are also a great way […]

  • {BEAUTY: DIY winter skin rescue}

    How’s your skin doing this time of year? Dying for a facial? Yeah, me too. Big time. If like me, a facial isn’t in the budget but if you still need some skin rescue try some of these DIY recipes from the Free People blog. They all only have a few simple ingredients you probably […]