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  • DIY: Easter Floral Bunny Ears

    DIY: Easter Floral Bunny Ears

    Ok so I don’t have a kid and I usually don’t dress up like a rabbit for photos but I do have lots of friends with kids who like to dress up like rabbits. So when one of your bestie asks if you can work your craft magic to make a pretty set of floral […]

  • DIY Heart String Wall Hanging

    DIY Heart String Wall Hanging

    I’m here and have a real heart on for Valentines day. No really even though I’ve been single for way too long I actually really like Valentines Day. You know why? Because it’s a reason and reminder to spread love. And I love cinnamon candy hearts. A lot. I also love making things with hearts […]

  • DIY: Paper Ornament

    DIY: Paper Ornament

    Just in case you’re a bit of a last-minute holiday slacker and still haven’t put up your tree and feel like getting your craft on then this is for you. I don’t know about you but I like to change up my holiday decor a little bit every year. It can get expensive to totally change […]

  • DIY Modern Wreath Wall Hanging

    DIY Modern Wreath Wall Hanging

    A little while ago I was asked by the fine people at Makeful TV if I would be interested in hosting a holiday-ish DIY workshop for their first ever blogger event. Gimme a craft and an audience and I’m ready to go. They were open to me choosing my own project, which is awesome, and I […]

  • DIY: Lace String Lights

    DIY: Lace String Lights

    If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook (please do!) you would’ve seen that I had the extreme pleasure of staying at heaven on earth for a fews day, also known as The Knowlton’s amazing Treehouse Retreat. You can visit these posts from last Summer to see it in all it’s glory. I went with […]

  • BIRTHDAY WEEK: DIY birthday headbands

    BIRTHDAY WEEK: DIY birthday headbands

    Ok, so you have the cake now you need some party favors. If you’re the birthday girl you want to make sure everyone know it or at the very least get enjoyment from making your guests wear some party gear. This is a super cute and easy way to make your very own custom birthday headbands. […]

  • KITCHEN MAKEOVER: How to make a DIY waterfall butcher block island

    KITCHEN MAKEOVER: How to make a DIY waterfall butcher block island

    And we have crossed the finish line people! The kitchen is done!  All that was left was the not-so-small job of making the waterfall butcher block island which I was secretly not looking forward to so there was some procrastination. Here’s what the island looked like before. I love the space it gives me but […]

  • KITCHEN UPDATE: DIY Kitchen open shelving

    KITCHEN UPDATE: DIY Kitchen open shelving

    We are on a role people! Two kitchen makeover updates in two weeks, and I even have another one coming before the final reveal at the end of the month. We hit a little speed bump but now we’re zipping along. The idea of creating some DIY kitchen open shelving was there from the start […]

  • DIY: at home New Years Eve photo booth

    Hey! I’m back! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Now it’s time to move on from family time to party time with New Years Eve just a few days away. Do you have some awesome plans or more of a last minute NYE planner? Well if you’re planning on hosting your own shindig (bonus: […]

  • DIY: yarn mini christmas trees

    DIY: yarn mini christmas trees

    Happy Friday friends! Are you in the mood to make an adorable holiday project? You are? Good! Because today I’m going to share my spin on the trendy and adorable bottle brush christmas tree. I’ll be honest, I tried to make the bottle brush trees before and didn’t have much luck but I thought I […]

  • Introducing Merry Magazine! A Handmade Holiday Guide

    Introducing Merry Magazine! A Handmade Holiday Guide

    So I’ve never been pregnant but this is the closest thing to giving birth that I can relate to. Today I’m so excited to welcome into the world Merry magazine . She’s my baby. Merry is a 100 page online magazine packed with original and awesome handmade holiday inspiration from myself and some of my talented creative […]

  • DIY: 5 thrift shop halloween costume ideas

    DIY: 5 thrift shop halloween costume ideas

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian friends and readers! Today many of us are gathered around the table filling our bellies and being thankful. Or we’re on the couch recovering from a turkey hangover. While we’re celebrating one holiday, I admit that my mind is on my most favourite holiday that’s just around the […]

  • MAKE SOMETHING: 5 DIY’s to try this weekend

    Happy Friday! If you’re looking for something to do this weekend or feel like flexing your creative and crafty muscles, here’s 5 great projects to choose from. HOW TO: wrapped baskets / natural botanical cologne / umbrella / gold leaf heels / camera strap

  • DIY: sequin party crowns

    So how much fun is this? I’m in a wedding party (hence why I was just in Mexico…jealous much?) and the other bridesmaids and I hosted a bachlorette/shower combo for the bride a few weeks ago. We were on a bit of a budget so we had to get creative with decor and party favours. I […]

  • GOOD EATS: colourful ice-cream sandwich treats

    Who doesn’t love ice-cream, seriously? (lactose free people, you don’t count). Ice cream sandwiches always remind me of my grandma. She was a very simple woman and her freezer was almost always empty except for a box of ice-cream sandwiches for when we came to visit. I thought I would try a special Spring colour […]